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Tatiana Mela
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My story

I have been practicing as a midwife in the UK, (University Hospital of Cardiff, Wales) and in Greece, Athens (Alexandra University Hospital, Athens) for over ten years.

My first experience of the amazing benefits of HypnoBirthing was when I gave birth to my son Adam in 2006.

The HypnoBirthing techniques helped me and my unborn baby work instinctively together as a team during birth.

I was delighted to have drug free, peaceful and calm birth. This helped to create a very tight bond between us.

Motherhood has heightened my awareness and I am in awe of women's incredible abilities.

I have been astonished by the miracle of pregnancy and birth and the lasting effects that this has on us and our children.

Over the years I have found that staying active and especially practicing Yoga and Pilates keeps your body fit and healthy.

HypnoBirthing techniques alongside with Yoga relaxation breathing are two of the most effective and safe ways to help women to achieve the calm, serene and intimate birth they desire.

My experience has driven my passion to help women to believe in themselves and their natural ability to give birth.

I am dedicated to help more parents to make the right choices. Supporting them as much as they need along their journey, and experience birth as a natural and enjoyable event that can be cherished for life.

Before I finish I would like to offer some advice to women and new mothers.

''Love and communicate with your unborn baby right from the day you know you are pregnant.

Be positive about the way you look and your body changes as pregnancy advances.

You conceive in love and you can give birth in love!"

Make healthy choices - it is the best investment in your life and a future generation.

Maternal instinct is extremely powerful and if your behaviour is at odds with your instinct and it doesn't feel right, or if the advice that you have been given doesn't seem like it's going to work for you and your baby, don't listen.

Listen to your own instincts, listen to your baby.

Maternal instincts should not be ignored!''


Tatiana Mela

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To the memory of those exceptional Midwives who are not with us today and to the memory of those mothers and babies who never met.

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