Welcome to
Birth choice clinic

Welcome to MumMeBaby Birth Choice Clinic.

What can be more desirable than healthy pregnancy? Healthy birth? Healthy mother, baby and healthy family all together?

Isn’t it what we all want to achieve in life and if we don’t?

How this could affect us?

Our families?

Our children?

And the most importantly, our lives?

We will never forget the birth we gave to our children. Especially, if this birth wasn’t the one we have planed.

Do our children remember the way they were born? Does it matter?

We all aware about our emotions. When we are sad we cry, when we are happy we cry too.

The cry of the newborn baby is a sign of life for us professional and parents. Is it a happy cry? Hi, here I am, happy to face the World!

We can see the results of the natural, none medicalised, and smooth birth with no fear and intervention(s) has on our women and children.

A midwife who practiced abroad and for the last ten years in the UK set up MumMeBaby Birth Choice Clinic. Being part of a busy high-risk unit with over then 6.500 births a year is an amazing learning opportunity. Following years of observation and care for high-risk women, we came to the conclusion. Woman with complicated medical and obstetric history can achieve natural, calm and peaceful birth within hospital, if home or Midwifery Led Unit birth is not an option.

We believe that by giving an opportunity to discussing your previous birth experience in a friendly environment outside of the hospital setting will allow you to explore in depth of how could we make your future experience better, enjoyable and something you can look forward again!

You probably already read on our home page the following;

We are here to support you and your partner smoothly through the transition from being a couple to becoming a beautiful family unit you always wanted.

This is our goal and this is what we want to achieve. Together, as partners!

Birth with no fear! Birth where everything is clear!

During our meeting we will be discussing:


* Choosing place of birth and health care provider, birth companion(s), care throughout labour, fetal heart monitoring, initial and subsequent assessment(s), augmentation, assessing strategies to maintain comfort during all the stages of labour, mobilisation and position(s) for labour and birth, mode of delivery, management of the 3rd stage (delivery of placenta), postnatal care for you and your newborn baby.

“Woman-centered care” and what does it finally mean?

Being flexibility to arrange our meeting in mutually agreed time and place. Where there will be no time pressure would reduce your anxiety and allow you to relax and enjoy your new journey.

During our meetings you will be in control, is listened to and is cared for with compassion. Your needs and desires will be respected and accommodated during this emotionally intense life experience.

We are looking forward to meeting you!