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Birth Choice Clinic

Hello Tatiana!

Well, it's been quite an eventful couple of months! When I was 31 weeks pregnant, I had some mild abdominal pain so I went to check it out, because of the scar, and was told in the hospital that I was having contractions. I was transferred by ambulance to the Royal Gwent and given steroids for the baby and tablets to stop the contractions and it all worked. Then two weeks later, I just went into labour! I had a little boy on the 27th of June! His name is Boas Arno. He was 4lb 14 and healthy! So we feel very lucky for that - I suppose that the steroids must have helped too. He was in special care for two weeks but it was lovely when he could come home! He has breastfed from the start (to begin with it was my breastmilk through a tube) and he is still breastfeeding now and is putting on weight, he is almost 7lbs now! I wanted to say thank you for your help. I really do feel that you made a huge difference to how I felt about birth and your advice was so useful for me and my husband. I had a natural delivery with Boas! I didn't need any pain relief and the advice you gave me meant that we were able to keep on top of what was happening and understand what was going on - I'm so grateful for that! I also feel very, very happy that I was able to experience a natural birth following emergency C/S after failed induction with my daughter! I was given the options of a caesarean and an epidural and pethidine but things were much easier this time! Whereas with Nela it felt like one continuous contraction, this time there were breaks between each contraction and so I was able to rest and gather strength for the next one. It was such a nice experience and I somehow felt sure that Boas was happy and healthy so I wasn't stressed or upset about that. I managed to spend a lot of time with him while he was in special care and have skin-to-skin contact for many hours each day so it was all okay.

Hope that you're well. And thank you again, so much, for your help and for keeping in contact all the while.

Catrin, Robin, Nela & Boas xxx


Dear Tatiana,

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of our baby boy. Using hypnobirthing got me through a very long latent stage, and the midwives still thought I was in false labour when I was nine centimetres (I insisted at being examined) as I was using the techniques to remain calm they didn't realise I was in active labour. Thank you for your guidance I will be recommending Hypnobirthing. Hope you are well.

With love Sarah, Dave & Aled.

Hello Tatiana,

How are you? I wrote to you to announce the birth of our healthy baby boy!! Our darling little baby boy, Aled Thomas was born on 1st February. Weighing alb 1oz. Although labour didn't go quite how I would have liked I used hypnobirthing the whole way through and I think helped me to keep calm and deliver on gas and air. Thank you.

Sarah & Aled xx

Dear Tatiana,

Just wanted to let you know that giving birth this time was a great experience. Five hours from the start to the actual birth and natural! Mati is super healthy and happy and the mp3s were v helpful! I listened to them all the way through. .

Laura & Mati x

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you so much for all your help. You have been amazing! Love,

Rhian & Gwen xxx x

Dear Tatiana,

We just wanted to let you know that our daughter arrived the evening of the 24th of June. Unfortunately, not everything went to plans. I had to be induced due to SROM. We waited for the natural onset as long as professionals would allow us. We didn't have the luxury to have a birthing pool, so settled for a bath. We entered the bath at about 6:30 pm. I was 3cms opened at this point and started my Hypnobirthing. By 7:45 pm I was fully dilated and we had to be rushed at high speed to the delivery room, at one point the staff thought my girl was going to arrive in the lift, we gave them a little bit of a scare lol. She arrived only a short while after arriving there. I managed to go drug-free and stay calm throughout despite the intensity of the labour. We want to thank you for teaching us the techniques as we believe that they helped us achieve a positive birth experience despite the many deviations from our birth plan. We now have a very calm baby breastfeeding very well. So Thank you and we hope you are well,

Lots of love hypnobithing converts.

Erica, Dale & Saskia xxx

Dear Tatiana,

Just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant guidance and care during the birth of our baby. For this we are forever grateful. Our son is doing amazingly well ad thanks to you he came into this world that way.

You truly are a great person. Love.

Carly, Mark and Harrison x


Thank you for amazing care we received in welcoming the newest addition to our family.

Good luck in everything you do! All our love.

Lauren, Tim & Nuria.


I did an amazing Hypnobirthing course with Mummebaby, Tatiana Mela.

I really believe it gave me the confidence to advocate for the birth I wanted and the self-belief to know I would achieve it. Well worth doing.



We had a wonderful water birth at the MLU and remarkably I managed pain relief with Hypnobirthing techniques only. Harri splashed happily into the world 1.5 hours after arriving at the hospital with just 7 minutes of pushing. Credit my birth to my incredibly smart baby and the fabulous people I was surrounded by during my pregnancy. Special mention going to Jeremy who was my rock Mummebaby Tatiana Mela whose hypnobirthing classes gave me the tools for a birth free of anxiety and whose friendship gave me the confidence in myself. I feel incredibly lucky.

Debra, Harri and Jeremy

Dear Tatiana!

We would like to thank you for your exceptional support and understanding during my labour.

You made us feel safe, listened to and reassured which gave me confidence to progress through my labour naturally without any pain relief.

Your Hypnobirthing positive Affirmations were a life saver and contributed to making the whole experience positive and exhilarating.

Our daughter Eva was happy and comfortable all through labour & birth and her little heart show no signs of distress at any time. We believe this is, in-part thanks to you for the excellent level of care that you gave us. Having such a positive birth experience has been the most rewarding thing I have ever been through and it's given Eva a great start in life!

WThanks again for everything.

Love and Best wishes from

Kiera, David & Eva

Dear Tatiana, George is seven weeks now and is so lovely! Thinking back to pregnancy and birth it was such a wonderful experience, and so much of that has to do with you and your input. You were a wonderful source of knowledge and support, and you were very empowering.

Thank you very much! x

Sophie, Ed & George

Hi Tatiana, Thank you for your great influence, it's not often that you get to meet people who have such a positive effect on your life. You really helped me during my pregnancy and I'm not sure you even realised it. It's was lovely to see your friendly face and your positive attitude even when things were so uncertain! Thanks again! Lots of love xxx

Abi & Ben & Dave

"The childbirth doesn't have to be an agony or a scary experience. I stayed calm, positive and relaxed and at the same time completely aware of my surroundings for the birth of my son. I would recommend this program to all expectant women and their partners. Everybody should know about HypnoBirthing, as it can make your birth an absolutely amazing experience!"

Abbie & Leon

"Tatiana was recommended to us by our friends, who recently had the baby boy and suggested to give a go to Hypnobirthing. We were a little sceptical about it at first but after each of the four sessions that we had with Tatiana it became more and more obvious that we would be using the Hypnobirthing techniques during the birth of our first child.

The female body is designed to give birth to babies so why should it not be the most natural experience of our life. To breathe the baby out naturally and let your body tell you when you need to relax and breath all made perfect sense to us. There are so many different ways to achieve a state of relaxation during surges using Hypnobirthing techniques and we knew that every woman would be different.

The light touch massages and deep-breathing techniques (along with some very chilled music!) helped us at home and on arrival to the hospital we were surprised to find that I was 8cm dilated. I was so relaxed and in control that the midwives did not even believe that I was in labour and had to do a double check to confirm!

Soon after we explained that we were using Hypnobirthing techniques for relaxation at home and would like our birthing plan respected while in the hospital. The midwives were very supportive and let us have our own space, time and relaxed environment and only came in to monitor the baby's heartbeat when needed.

Unfortunately our baby girl was back to back and didn't want to come out as quickly as we had hoped. We were transferred to the consultant-led unit where I had an assistant delivery and with two pushes our daughter was safely born..

This was not part of our plan of course but we know that the best-laid plans can sometimes change. We were so glad that we had the Hypnobirthing sessions that undoubtedly pulled us both through the labour of our beautiful baby girl Florence Ivy and would recommend it to any mum to be in the future. We know that Tatiana helped make this huge day in our lives one that we will never ever forget."

Clara & Florence & Gareth


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help, support, guidance and encouragement in our journey of pregnancy, birth and life. There are not enough words to describe how much we are thankful to you and treasure your help-we have one beautiful rainbow baby and a whole World to explore!!! Always in our hearts, a beautiful lady who we are lucky to have met. Peace, health & happy rainbow sparkles.''


Holly, Jev & gorgeous Son of ours


Dear Tatiana,

I meant to reply ages ago just to say thanks for your message! Alice is now 13 months and still breasted. All best xx

13 months later

Hi Tatiana,

I hope you're well. You came out to see us back in winter (it was snowing!) when Alice was five weeks old. I just wanted to let you know that we were able to stop the formula and we're still going strong with breastfeeding now that she's eight months! I had really lost confidence in feeding her and the health visitor was pushing for more formula so you really helped! I'm so glad I continued. All best,

Becky & Alice (8 months)

Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for meeting with us. It was very useful to have your opinion on and advice for little Oscar. It was also nice to see a couple of the other parents and babies you are also helping and I really hope that they and their babies are happy and well-fed. Best wishes,

Sara & Oscar (8 weeks)

Hello Tatiana,

I hope you might remember me. I came to see you from Aberystwyth back in January. Your advice and help were the best I have had since my son was born six months ago. Which is why I would turn to you for advice, hoping you might help us again. Many thanks,

Michaela Evans

Good morning Tatiana,

Thank you so much for seeing us last night. I am feeling more positive now and all feeds since we saw you have been much more efficient, with a content baby at the end of each one (plus more sleep for us!!) Many thanks, Susie, Matt & Cameron (3 weeks)

Week Later: Hello! How are you? I'm so sorry for not messaging you sooner! We have had a much much calmer week thank you. On Monday he had put back on that small amount he had lost, and as of this morning he is 7 pounds 5, so just 2 ounces off his birth weight; just in time For his four week birthday on Sunday! His feeding is so much better - the breast compressions were just what he needed to show him what to do, his feeding sessions are much more efficient now. We took him to osteopath today someone from La Leche recommended them. She (Lucy) said he was carrying tension at the front, she treated him whilst he fed and I could see the tension fading from his neck and chest - he fell asleep! Going back for s follow up next week. Thank you so much for your help. Seeing you was such a boost and has helped us to keep on the breastfeeding path. It's already so much easier, I don't dread it and actually love our time together feeding now. And it's so easy! We fed in public for the first time yesterday and now there's no stopping us! Just need to get rid of the shields but we will get there. At the moment I think his tie isn't causing issues but will keep you updated with how we get on with moving on from the shields. With lots of thanks and love!

Susie, Matt & Cameron xxx (Four weeks)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank You, your support has really helped us in a time of need and made all of us feel so much more relaxed and comfortable. Ella has had a big sleep today and seems a bit more content too.

Vicky, Tom & Ella (Four weeks)

Hi Tatiana,

I hope your well. I just wanted to thank you for your help when I was experiencing difficulties feeding. Sorry for the delay contacting you, time just seems to be going fast. You gave me the support and confidence to get my baby breastfeeding again! as you can see from the photo he has certainly enjoyed his feeds ever since! Thank you again, Your manner and humour and different ideas for latching a baby have stayed with me ever since! Many thanks and keep doing the amazing job you do! All the best,

Michelle & Daniel (One year old & breastfeeding)

Hi Tatiana,

I hope your well. I just wanted to thank you for your help and coming to visit me when I was experiencing difficulties feeding. Sorry for the delay contacting you, time just seems to be going fast. Your help got me through it and I've successfully continued to exclusively breastfeed and we're still going strong. Katie's now 19 weeks and doing well. Thank you again, I really was at the point of giving up, but your advice and support was a great help and got me through my difficult patch. I only wish I'd contacted you a bit sooner! All the best,

Liz & Kate

Hi Tatiana,

We would like to say thank you! The boys are great and feeding well! We feel so much confident after your visit. We have reduced the formula significantly, only for the absolute emergency, lol. We are having them weighed on Wednesday so I will let you know how they get on.

Linzi & Boys x

Hello Tatiana,

Thank you very much for your help yesterday- I've managed several feeds since you left, all far more successful than anything else in the past week. More than that it's given me some confidence and hope that thing could get better. I may yet be in touch about the tongue tie.

Thanks once again,

Caroline & Rose (Two weeks)

Hello. We are all very grateful to you for doing what you do! Jasmin has fed exclusively on the breast since we left your office and we are all now feeling much more relaxed and excited about the coming months and years! Thank you very much. We will see you in July.

Matt, Sarah and Jasmin (Five weeks)

Tatiana, Thank you so much for all your advice and support over the past few months. There is no way I would be still breastfeeding without all your expertise and help. Thank you for listening and being there every time to hear all of my moans. I am forever grateful!


Kelly, Will & Evie

Dear Tatiana, Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your support with breastfeeding my gorgeous sons. You have made a massive difference and empowered me in a way no one else could, so I'm always grateful!! x x x

Sophie & Boys



Good morning Tatiana.

I am so sorry there hasn't been pictures. Oliver came down with a cold and then this whole coronavirus started! Just an email to say thank you again; Oliver now eats 6oz from a bottle, instead of 2oz sleeps from 9 pm till 6 am! No more every two hours wakes. Most importantly he has grown so much! He is happier smiling all the time and can stick his tongue out! No more playing around with the bottle" We did go back to breastfeeding but my supply wasn't enough for him! Although his latch and everything was much better and painless! Shame we didn't know about you and a tongue tie from the start! THE BEST DECISION WE MADE! THANKS AGAIN! Hope you are staying safe.

Hannah & Oliver x (One month later)

Hi Tatiana,

Glad we got to you when we did now we are on lockdown. Elsie is doing fab. We have not had a night downstairs all week, we have stayed in our own bed. Her tongue seems to be looking good and clean, the ulcer has cleared up don't know if it is too soon? I have been applying gel to her mouth as she has been suffering from thrush again so maybe that has cleared the ulcer. Here are some pictures for you to see. Hope you are well. Ps. she doesn't always cry hahaha. Many thanks,

Meg & Elsie (One week following the procedure)

Thanks Tatiana,

Feeding is getting better each day- she’s latches really well today with a nice big mouth each time on the right breast. The left side is a very fast flow and she still likes to late like she’s sucking a straw. We will get there I hope. Halle my middle daughter was never 100% comfortable to feed, and we survived feeding until she weaned at just before she was 2. I will keep forwarding the photos to you!! Thanks

Zoe & Dilys (Day 12 post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Day 22 since we last saw you. Took these yesterday (day 22) but forgot to send them! Since we saw you and you weighed him he was 10lbs 14oz - he was weighed 4 days ago and he was 12lbs 3oz! Tongue movements are still good, massage is still going well and feeling softer now. Feeding is going really well at the minute and he is starting to go longer between feeds. This has meant I am quite full at times but if I express a little then it is fine. Still doing a mixture of longer and shorter feeds but definitely doing less gulping/choking and is latching much more easily x

Victoria & Albert (Day 22 post re-attachment)

Good news. He is better at feeding but he doesn’t always open his mouth wide & he still slips off during the feed. He had his first poo explosion yesterday and his nappies are very wet now. My work colleague used to work with you in UHW. She said you are an excellent midwife. My mum managed to get some Dentinox for your clinic from Tesco pharmacy. Kind Regards

Sarah & Emyr (Day 3 post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Feeding has improved so much. He takes more feed in under half the time and he has much less wind! We are so glad that he had the procedure done. Thank you Tatiana!

Jasmine & Arthur (Day 12 post-treatment)

Hey things are going really well thank you. Feeding is great, she was in the 5lb early baby clothes at birth but now she’s in the newborn ones and wet nappies have increased dramatically. Poop is consistently yellow whereas we were having some green before your visit. I woke up in a pool of milk this morning so I think she’s upping my supply pretty well 😆 Sleeping is really settled too whereas before her wind/hiccups used to wake her. She had a few fussy days early on as she developed quite a large yellow ulcer where she was snipped but that came off a few days ago and there is just a little white mark there now. Her jaundice seems to have gone too so she looks healthy. I have some good photos so I’ll email them to you today. Hope you’re keeping well x

Gemma & Baby (Day 9 post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

It was lovely to meet you too. Yep, Lando slept in the car on the journey home. He fed well for his last 2 feeds before he went to bed. You can definitely tell he is starting to have a stronger latch on the teat and he is not dribbling out the sides of his mouth as much. He slept well, sleeping about 6 hours in the first stretch which was great before he woke up for a feed and then went back to sleep until we woke up. Yes, he is happy, he has been smiling away. No concerns at the moment.

Amy & Lando (Day post-treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

Since the day after, feeding changed completely he feeds amazingly and still feeds perfectly now, he is gained so much weight. The tongue-tie division completely changed him in the best way, feeding went from being stressful to a complete joy... once again thank you so much for what you have done x

Abigail & Leon (Three months post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

This email is long overdue. I've been meaning to write it for months. Better late than never, I suppose. You saw our wee boy, Ciaran, at the end of January, four months ago now, to do the procedure to release his tongue tie. What a momentous occasion that was for him and for us as a family! Here goes a wee review of our experience so that you can add it to your website: We were told about Ciaran's tongue-tie after he was born. However, as it was not affecting our breastfeeding relationship, all the medical professionals we spoke to advised not to do anything about it. We were even told that the tie would 'sort itself out' in time. Anyway, fast forward one year and, although Ciaran was still breastfeeding like a champion, his ability and interest to eat solid foods weren't great. We started worrying that it might have to do with the tongue tie and started researching more about it. To our dismay, we learnt that at this stage we could only get it sorted under general anaesthetic through the NHS. We did not want this route; it seemed such a big risk for such a minor procedure. Anyway, we researched day and night, looking for someone who might do the procedure in the least interventionist/traumatic way. It seemed quite hopeless... until we found Tatiana. That was four months ago. On that day, we travelled from Edinburgh to Cardiff, had a consultation with Tatiana and she released our little boy's tongue tie painlessly, efficiently and very quickly. Then we took a flight back home, and here we were within hours, with our lives completely changed for the better. My partner and I think that was the best thing we ever did for our boy. Just one hour after the procedure he was happily munching on strawberries and babbling away. Within days, his ability to eat, move the food in his mouth, chew it... it had all improved so massively. He started being much more vocal too. We were so delighted and also sad that he had been so restricted all that time. We feel so grateful to Tatiana. She is an excellent professional: caring, empathetic, compassionate, skilful and funny. From the first time I spoke to her on the phone, she showed what other professionals in the field had lacked: true empathy towards our child's difficulties and endless patience to listen to my worries and answer all my questions (and I had many!). She was excellent during the consultation and procedure: so down to earth, engaging with our son, clear and transparent with us. The aftercare has been equally good, as Tatiana has always been available to answer any questions and address any worries in a quick, effective and reassuring manner. We couldn't recommend Tatiana highly enough!

Lorena & Ciaran (Five months post-treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Hi Tatiana, It was lovely to meet you too - so thankful we found you! Albert was absolutely fine afterwards. He hasn’t sicked up any blood and we haven’t really seen any difference in his nappies either. Feeding has definitely improved. He is much more settled and we have had very, very little fussing and coughing. He still seems uncomfortable at times with pains and can be tricky to wind although after some feeds he has been much easier to wind! I know you said it could take a few days to improve. I will definitely send you photos with the first one being taken tomorrow and will definitely be leaving a review en due course. Thank you again - I have emailed a very short video of Albert feeding just now 😊 he fed like this for over 10 minutes!

Victoria & Albert x (Day one post-treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

It was lovely meeting you too! She was fine yesterday she fed really well and for a lot longer than she ever has before. She seems pretty happy, she has been feeding a lot today which I think is more for comfort than being hungry. When I’m feeding her off my right breast it’s a dream no discomfort so pain at all, on my left breast, however, is a little bit uncomfortable and a small amount of pain. I personally think there might be a small amount of thrush there which might be making it a little bit sore. She’s still being sick after nearly every feed so this is something I’ll have to see my doctor about. But apart from that everything going really well so far and Martha’s happy.

Kiera & Martha (Day post-treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for much for yesterday. It was lovely to meet you and to talk to Someone who understood our difficulties with Theo. I slept all night and seems to be ok which is great. I really hope that things start to improve for him now. Fingers crossed. Thank you for sending photos through. Please remind me at what stage you need photos from us? We will try and take one tonight when he is sleeping. Take care.

Anna & Theo (Day one post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

Thanks for your follow up text and my apologies for the delay in replying. Please find attached day 3 photos, I hope they are ok. I'm pleased to report that overall I feel feeding is going much better, so thank you so much for seeing us! It's certainly more comfortable for me, and although I'm still working on getting a deeper latch consistently I find that Osian is able to stay latched for longer without slipping off. With many thanks,

Fiona & Osian (Day four post treatment)

Hello again,

I apologise for not sending a day 7 photo, I took one which was really blurry and kept meaning to take a better one to send instead. Please find attached day 12 photo, I am very pleased with his improved tongue movements. He was also over his birth weight when he was weighed last Thursday so I feel overall feeding is going well now! He still has a tendency to not open his mouth too wide, but I know he is capable of it now and finds some feeds are fine and others he needs more encouragement, I guess as he gets used to it this will improve further. With many thanks

Fiona & Osian (Day 12 post-treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ☺️ Here are the photos of Aeris. She is doing really well and seems to have gotten used to her new stretchy tongue 😂 She’s still continuing to feed really well, winding her is much easier now as well!

Kimberly & Aeris ( Day seven post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Here are some photos of bobby three days post-procedure, sorry they’re not the clearest will keep trying! Definitely feeling a change with feeding, it’s not perfect yet but I’m so much less sore and he’s definitely opening his mouth wider. I’m a lot more relaxed during feeds and less sore generally! Thanks so much,

Jenny & Bobby (Day three post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

You’ll be pleased to hear that my discomfort has almost gone away! I am not expressing milk anymore. Only directly breastfeeding. No pain on the left nipple. A bit still on the right. But very little and only at the beginning of the feed.

Barbara & Diego (Day 27 post treatment)

Thank you for today Tatiana was lovely to have met you and I'm over the moon with the procedure you performed. Esmae is feeding already better. Thank you again and speak soon.

Jessica & Esmae (Day of the treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

She's still feeding well, up to 6oz now! Nearly sleeping through at night & so happy during the day!... likes to have a little chat now with her gurgling, loves to roll her tongue around & copy us. Starting laughing a little too now! It is surprising how many mums have said to me that they have had a similar experience. Thank you very much!

Shelley & Maeve (Three weeks post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

I am sending you two videos. First, is following treatment and the second video is from a couple of weeks before the procedure. We are amazed at the change! In fact, looking back at the second video makes me sad. The poor boy! He was trying so hard! I wish we had got it done sooner. But I am sooo immensely happy is now sorted. Thank You again, Tatiana. I feel so grateful to you.

Lorena & Ciaran xxx (Day after treatment)

Superb clinic, would highly recommend. Tatiana is wonderfully supportive, patient and a real expert!

Hannah & Niko (3 months post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

A review for you, We made contact with Tatiana when our baby boy was 3 days old after we were told he had a tongue tie. Tatiana was great from the first contact, reassuring me and making an appointment for us within 3 days. When we arrived at Tatiana's studio we were made to feel incredibly welcome and secure in the setting. We were fully informed of all of our choices and Tatiana answered all of our questions in incredible detail! We made the decision to have the tongue tie procedure, and I as the mother felt supported by Tatiana and more importantly knew my little boy was in safe hands! The aftercare has been exceptional and Tatiana has been on hand whenever we have had a question! Would highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Danielle & Evan (One month post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Dear Tatiana, Thank you for your message. It was really wonderful to meet you yesterday too. Beau is doing really well! We had a little bit of a fractious feed when we got home but since then he's fed really well. He's taking less and less time each feed to latch and use his tongue, I think initially he still thinks he has to work super hard and then realises he can use his tongue. Feeding through the night was great, fed for much longer, could feel the breast empty and he then slept for a good 2.5/3 hours and was really settled. Was brill! Will get a photo over to you shortly. Very happy to write feedback on your services, I have been singing your praises to all my family already. You were so informative and really put me at ease yesterday and I am so glad we came to you for the procedure. Photo to follow :)

Lauren & Beau xx (10 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Maeve has been really well since we left. Had a good feed before we left Cardiff but since has been small amounts still but quicker - you can defo feel her sucking now! I have switched to the MAM bottles this afternoon & she gets on much better with those so hoping to see more improvement over next few days. She was happy all the way home, think was irritating her yesterday once home so she had Calpol and slept so well! 10pm- 3:30am & then awake at 6am. Been a bit clingy today but otherwise fine. Had no blood at all anywhere & have seen much more movement with her tongue! Her mouth seems different & she's making more noises. Very pleased! Will keep you posted as we move forward with photos etc.

Shelley & Maeve (7 weeks old)

Dear Tatiana,

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year! Just wanted to give you a quick update, Elliott's tongue has been great, he is a cheeky chappy and can't go an hour without sticking it out haha! He is feeding brilliantly, we're weaning now, which he loves! We've desperately been trying to get a photo for you but we haven't had any luck. Thank you so much for everything, we appreciate your help so much!

Carra & Elliott (3 weeks post treatment)

Hello Tatiana,

Ivy got a little fussy last night but then settled and we've been feeding without the nipple shield since we got home yesterday which is amazing!! She has been really good today, fussy again this evening but 5 pm - 9 pm is her fussing time so nothing unusual. No concerns - very happy!! I will get the first photo over to you tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!!

Georgia Ivy x (6 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Margot is doing brilliantly! Now exclusively breastfeeding and piling on the pounds. She is such a happy thing! Thanks for all your help.

Emily & Margot xx (3 months post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

He is feeding lovely thank you and putting on lots of weight. No more top-ups either, I stopped them 5 days following tongue-tie release, now exclusively breastfed baby. Thank you

Sarah & Harri (2 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Having my daughters tongue tie cut (at your clinic), almost 5 years ago, was the hardest thing I've ever had to do to her... But it was also the best thing that I did for her. Within a short few weeks, she was a different baby. I was at the end of my tether with painful feeds, a baby who fed around the clock and couldn't gain weight and you were my last resort. I am forever grateful.


Hi Tatiana,

Thought you may like to see this 18 months on and his favourite game is stick your tongue out .. thank you so much I remember you every time he sticks his tongue out and all of the family comment how that would never have been possible without you .. he has the longest tongue x

Stacey & Aaron (18 months post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Hello, thank you for the message. Maisy is doing great. Was a bit fussy yesterday afternoon. But night time feeds were amazing, could hear her swallowing near enough every other suck. Feeding better already and generally a very happy baby. Yes, also I am so much more comfortable, and the nipple is a lot less misshapen. Feeds aren't so long either! She's a quick learner. Yay x Thanks again. Will keep you updated with the photos x

Holly & Maisy (2 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you so much again for today. I cannot explain how much it meant to us to see you and how well you put us at ease and how professional and friendly you were. You have made such a huge difference to my little Louie. Louie has been perfect this afternoon and evening. He is now sound asleep and I have managed to get a couple of photos and I cannot believe how different his tongue is. Thank you so so much again.

Ariann & Louie (Day of the treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Haha! So glad you liked the photo of Sol and Us sticking our tongues! It's something I had in mind to do when the moment presented! Of course, you can use it. We will always be grateful for the way you helped us walk through such a challenging time for us as new parents. Now Sol can be mischievous and pull his tongue out at in protest through the toddler years! A million thank you! X

Rachel & Sol (1 year post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

YOU, saved my life! I was back and forth to the Dr's trying to figure out why my son would not feed on either the breast or bottle and would scream and arch with frustration. I knew something was wrong but as a first time mum with postnatal depression I was viewed as being paranoid. When I went for the appointment with you and you confirmed that he was severely tongue-tied (I remember you said; I only saw one other worst than this before). You carried out the procedure, it had to be done sniped twice as it was so severe but after it, he was like a different child to feed. If in doubt I highly recommend you to the mothers who are in a similar situation as I was!

Rachel & Son (One month post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

So sorry I haven't messaged in a while, it's going so well now I forget she ever had issue no pain at all, no emergency bottles, she is sleeping from 9.45 pm - 4.30/5 am then goes back to sleep until 7/8. My milk supply seems to have increased, the fussy evening behaviour seems to have gone and it's a joy feeding her. Completely different from how it was xx

Emily & Elvia (6 weeks old)

Good evening Tatiana,

Sorry it's late evening seems to be the easiest time to photograph Louie although last night I couldn't get a clear photograph. This is Louie's tongue on day 4 and he is very happy eating and drinking well and is having very good feeds from the breast. It is so much more comfortable to feed him now.

Ariann & Louie (4 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

Ah, she has just BF and it didn't hurt - I didn't cry and she didn't either - brilliant!! Thank you so much!! xxx

Emily & Margot (10 days old)

Had our little boy's tongue tie reversed with Tatiana when he was just 10 days old. Tatiana was very reassuring and calm through it all. Unfortunately, our little one bled a bit more than we would have liked and Tatiana made the decision to take us to the hospital, despite being very worried ourselves, Tatiana was brilliant throughout. The bleeding had stopped by the time we arrived at the hospital but Tatiana still insisted we saw a Dr for reassurance. (Tatiana explained that our boy is only the 7th baby she has taken to hosp in the 11yrs she's been doing this procedure! - unlucky us I guess) can't fault her professionalism, she's even text today to see how he's doing! Great follow up plan for the future too.

Lisa & Steffan X

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for your text and emails. Elinor is absolutely fine in herself, the diamond shape ulcer looks fine to us and our midwife had no concerns this morning at our routine visit. Feeding has been different, my breasts feel emptier after a feed and she feeds for longer. We were pleased with your service yesterday and the relief of having the procedure done was great. We feel we've given her a greater opportunity at success for breastfeeding and beyond and would definitely recommend your service to anyone who was in our position. We will send photographs to you from the days requested. Thank you for your help,

Laura & Elinor (6 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Please find D17 photo as requested. Gwen weighed 9lbs 13 1/2 oz yesterday so has gained about two pounds since the snip. Kind Regards

Natalie & Gwen (6 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you so much Aiden seems good today, I think you can really tell the difference looking at him moving his tongue and things. He was better on the way home, we stopped for a feed halfway through and then he slept again. Last night he was a bit grumpy and not feeding quite as much but I also seemed quite empty of milk so I wonder if he had just fed more effectively. He slept for a longer period of time than usual once he settled. Today ha has been feeding quite a lot and seeming quite content, think he is starting to get the hang of a better sucking action :) Seems like he has a bit less wind already too. I will send you a photo tomorrow which I think will be day 3, not 2? I noticed earlier it is starting to blister/whiten. Thanks so much again such a relief to come to see you and have the great all-round care.

Alex & Aiden (3 days post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

After several attempts, this was the best one. Things are going well. Theo doesn't seem in pain and is enjoying his new tongue. The latch is getting better when we get a good one its painless. Thank you so much this has made such a difference to us.

Emma & Theo (8 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Sorry you haven't heard from us in a while. Things are great. Theo regained birth weight at 10 days of age. Feeding is painless. Plenty of milk. He has put himself in a good routine, cluster feeding from 6 pm till 8 or 9 pm, he sleeps in crib till 1or 2 am. Then back in our bed for the remainder of the night. Here is a picture of him enjoying the lovely weather. Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

Emma & Theo (17 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for yesterday! I had been dreading it but when I spoke to you on the phone you did put me at ease and the procedure was much better than I thought! You would fabulous and amazing at making us feel calm and comfortable (as can be). Carter was great I did give him a bit of Calpol as he was slightly groggy and a few more tears than Norma but otherwise he was great. He is doing everything he normally does today and I have already noticed his tongue is more mobile than before! He is eating and drinking like no tomorrow! And just a few tears when he has poked his tongue out. I can't wait to see the improvement over the next few days and weeks! Of course, I will send you the photos of his tongue! Thanks again for everything! You made a stressful time a lot easier!! Hope you have a lovely day!

Maryse & Carter (2 days post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

Sorry for the delayed response. I was a bit worried. I am not the most patient person and was really eager to start him on solids. Now, I know that he will start eating when he is ready. Thank you for your heartwarming message. We were very touched. I will keep you posted. All the best,

Magdalena & Idris (4 months post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

He slept for 3 hours after we left and feeding is so much better - it no longer hurts and he stays attached. He is definitely a happy bunny. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted. xx He slept for 3 hours after we left and feeding is so much better - it no longer hurts and he stays attached. He is definitely a happy bunny. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted. Xx

Sara& Cadel (Day of treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

Day 10 - not the best pictures. Hope they are sufficient! Feeding is much better - COMPLETELY sorted on the left which makes me feel it has been a success - the right is still a mission to get him on properly, I still have to really concentrate on the latch. I am hoping it is going to get better, the problem is I appear to produce WAY more milk on the right and it has been close to mastitis a couple of times (red patches and lines appear) but I've been able to stave it off. I think he just doesn't feed as long/fully on it, this meaning it never goes down as much and therefore always feel full and in need of a feed before I explode! Any tips on reducing milk production on one side?! However, I do think it's getting better, albeit slowly. I don't want to give up on the right but it is rather stressful that I don't have any confidence to feed on the right when out and about. Kindest Regards

Rachel & Woody (2 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana!

Apologies we haven't sent a photo before now of Aria's progress...It's proved quite difficult getting a picture clear enough to send! However, her feeding has improved no end, at her recent weighing (a week and a half after the procedure) she had put half a pound more than normal on! Her chest has cleared and doesn't rattle at all anymore! She's so much more alert too, she has so much more energy during her awake time and she isn't waking through the night for feeds anymore! Kindest Regards

Aimee, Rhys and Aria-Reese (10 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

It was great to meet you yesterday, Gracie was good - she continued to feed little amounts yesterday, although much better and faster but by the evening she really came into her own and has guzzled 5oz every feed since! She slept for 6 hours straight, already can poke her tongue out and seems to be taking it all in her stride... I cannot begin to tell you the relief I feel already and how thankful we are to have found you. Really looking forward to seeing how she develops over the next few weeks, there have been many happy tears already!

Ellie & Gracie x (8 weeks old)

Hello Tatiana, you are dedicated asking how she is getting on at Xmas day.

Daisy has been brilliant I have already noticed an improvement in the way she takes the bottle no more leakage through the side and generally less reflux. I haven't been able to get a picture as of yet but will try this week. I think she's also a bit perplexed as to how she can now move her tongue around freely Merry Xmas to you, hope you have a brilliant time in Tunisia. I will keep you posted x

Rachel & Daisy (7 weeks old)

Hey Tatiana!

Hope you are well! I just wanted to update you that I am seeing Sol's tongue stick out a lot now! Been meaning to send you a picture but it's too elusive! Such a relief to see it come out though. It was worth all the procedures in the end x

Rachel & Sol (8 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Ayda was just fine after the procedure. I gave her some Calpol when we got home. She took her bottle on with no issues. Minimal dribbling and not leaking milk so much. She slept fantastic last night! She went to bed at 8:30 pm and woke at 1 am, 4 am and then 7:30 am. She took a full 4oz bottle at 1 am which has never happened in the night before! only took about 15-20 minutes too and she was straight back to sleep. She's been happy enough today, gurgling away and poking her tongue out. No Calpol needed as she's been content and feeding well. I had a little peek under her tongue this afternoon and all look nice and clean and healing. So far so good!

Corrinna & Ayda (8 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Verity is doing well thank you. I've noticed a real difference in how she's feeding - every feed she's latching on really quickly and nearly always staying on. I can tell her whole mouth is different and for the first time in her life, I've seen her gape for the nipple like the babies in the videos! My husband really noticed a difference too - it's like she has a new mouth. We've got no concerns, underneath her tongue looks clean and is a good colour. I will send you a picture tomorrow as requested. Thank you so much.

Megan & Verity (4 weeks old)

Good morning!,

Albie is feeding really, really well now, so thank you! I'm still a little sore, but nowhere near where I was before, so it has been a total success in my eyes. One happy baby and one happy Mumma. Attached is your 'before' photograph. We will try very hard to get a good photo for you today as it's day three. Warmest regards,

Sophie & Albie (3 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

She's feeding well when last weighed they were happy with her weight she went from 8lb 11oz to 9lb 2oz in three days. I find she still makes a lot of sucking noises on the right breast the one which was painful before, but the pain has gone thank goodness! Very grateful for all your support x Kind regards

Anna & Isla (9 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

So 30 days is up, Jack is doing very well. He continues to make improvements feeding is quick easy and enjoyable. He is a very happy thriving baby, putting on nearly a pound a week! Fingers crossed I'll keep up with this growth rate and be able to keep feeding him. Looks promising so far. He makes lots of baby noises and I'm sure will be babbling away very soon. All-round success and the health visitor although sceptical at first because we'd made the decision ourself's going private (which is a risk they would discourage against) and get his tongue tie done, after seeing him fed, his doubling in size and weight gain also how and content we both are said it was definitely the best thing we could have done. I wish you all the best for further work and getting the knowledge of tongue-tie out in South Wales!! And we will be back if we have another child with tongue-tie. Also, we will share our knowledge and experience to anyone who has issues with feeding etc hopefully the views on tongue tie and practise of treatment will change. I will get around to writing the review on your site hopefully in the next couple of days. Thank you again

Clare, Will and big baby Jack (8 weeks old)


Many thanks for seeing us yesterday. Ada had a good evening (fed quite a lot for comfort when we got home) then only woke three times during the night with a good 1hr30 / 2hrs between feeds. Once she fed she went straight back down with no fussing or asking for more milk. She was also significantly less sick during the night with only a few spit-ups (she has been having several outfit changes some nights!) Scar looking really good this morning. pic attached. Will let you know her NHS no when I see the heath visitor tomorrow. Many thanks. So glad we came to see you.

Shelley & Ada (10 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Well what a difference! He is fed really well, hasn't stopped talking and has been poking his tongue out at us all day! He settled after a second dose of Calpol to sleep soundly all night. Little dribbly today but hasn't needed anymore Calpol, so all good. Can I just say how at ease you put us through the whole procedure? You calmed my nerves and were so understanding. We really appreciate it and we're so glad we had this done with you. Thank you so much. We'll text you some pics on Monday now. Thanks again xx

Carla &Niall (3 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for your reply. Hubert is good. He doesn't gag when eating almost at all. He has some things which he likes and some which he doesn't want to eat at all. I shouldn't have written yesterday that Hubert's reflux was improving. I would say it improved by 70% :) Probably teething made it worse. Life, isn't it? We didn't know that my husband was tongue-tied. While we were taking photos of Hubert's tongue we thought we would check ours - just for fun. I have attached a few photos. Could you tell me if any of us have a tongue tie? I know it is a strange request and if you are not happy to do it I will understand this. Thanks,

Ewa & Hubert (6 months post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

We are all good thank you. I hope you had a good trip away! Scarlett is great she has jumped up in weight and was very nearly up into the 25th centile at her last weighing so I am hopeful she may have jumped up again when she is weighed this week. She is feeding brilliantly and sleeping really well now too rarely has any wind etc which is great thank you for all your help. I mentioned you to my healthcare visitor who now has your number so she can refer other people to you. She said that they are trying to get funding for it in our area so fingers crossed! Have a great week. Best wishes,

Emma & Scarlett (5 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Elliott is learning about his new tongue still - feeding on both sides is comfortable, but I get the sense he hasn't yet worked out how to fully deploy his tongue - as you said he has been using it a certain way for some time already so it will take a bit of time, but feeding has been shorter suggesting he is already more efficient. The biggest improvement so far is on the wind side of things. Elliott no longer sucks in great amounts of air as he achieves a good seal over my nipple and as such has been much more comfortable in his gut, that has been a real blessing. He is much more settled overnight. Hopefully, the tongue movement will come in time. Yes, we are still doing the exercises and we can still see the diamond-shaped ulcer under his tongue, which I assume means it hasn't grown back? I have done the exercises 4 times today as instructed and he doesn't like them, but doing them before each feed means he quickly forgets! They don't take long so it's not that difficult to keep going. Kind regards,

Claire & Elliott (10 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

We are a lot more comfortable now, to start with she would not latch and I was worried she was sore, but a bit later, once she was calm she fed from both sides. Yesterday she was pretty well most of the day although she had real trouble latching once in the evening on the left, but I offered to her a bit from the right to calm her, then she did ok again. Today she has been doing better again, still takes a few attempts on the left but usually straight on the right. Also, she has been feeding for about 10 to 15 minutes and then seems content for about 2 hours, generally seems more content after feeding rather than tired! Under her tongue looks fine, I have attached pictures but had trouble getting a good shot, hopefully, you can see, I will try to get a better one when I can. Regards.

Helen & Gwen (11 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Was good to meet you too. Louis is fine, didn't seem to have any ill effects from the Frenotomy. He's feeding well, although has had to learn to latch again with his new improved tongue I think but we're getting there. The best news is he was weighed today and has gone from 7lb 15oz last Friday to 8lb 11oz today and over birth weight so I've very pleased about that! Here's a pic to show you how it's healing, he wasn't very happy about having his picture taken I think?!

Anna & Louis (2 weeks old)

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you for all of the help that you have given us with Harry and taking the time to check up on him. We really appreciate everything that you have done. Harry is a much happier baby now and as a new parent that is all we wish for. Thank you so much.

Beth, Harry & Mike x

Dear Tatiana,

We are getting on well, thank you for checking. Tilly doesn't mind the exercises and massage. The feeding is much better, staying on the breast for longer and is less fussy generally. She is due to weigh on Tuesday, so hopefully will see a good gain then too, thanks.

Holly & Matilda (4 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

How are you? Just an update on Brooklyn! At first, we didn't see any real improvement, was still fussy etc, then we ended up back in the hospital (severe ear infection) spent two days there they wanted to evaluate feeding etc etc! (At the hospital they prescribed a new reflux medication called omeprazole) Once released and antibiotics started to work we started to see improvements in feeding, little by little, reduced wind intake, less fussy! But we also started to notice he seemed to have tummy cramps/spasms, which were keeping him awake doubling over etc! We stopped the meds for one day to see - and realised that he didn't need them as that day he was fine, so thrilled no meds for next few days and he was completely fine reflux wise, we then decided to stop his Hypoallergenic milk in case that was the culprit of the tummy cramps and it seems he was - we switched to Hipp formula 5 days ago, and he is perfectly fine!!!!! He wasn't a big fan & still isn't of the exercised but we've had no rebound growth! So we think the tongue tie revision worked for us!!! Thank you so much again for all your help and advice xx We can't thank you enough xxxx

Gemma & Brooklyn (5 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Just wanted to update you on how things are going. Rowan is continuing to feed well at the breast and is establishing a more normal/regular pattern - she is typically feeding for 20-30 mins and then sleeping for a couple of hours and is not needing any top-ups with expressed breast milk any more. She is much happier and well-rested. I really can't believe what a massive difference the procedure made we are so glad we found you and grateful for your help and advice! I will send now a photo of the wound taken on 28th June - I tried to take one yesterday but it didn't come out very clearly but will try and take another today. We have been doing the massage of the wound once per day since 28/06 and she seems to tolerate it okay - is once per day enough or should we be doing it more often? Many Thanks, Johanna

Next day: Thanks, Tatiana, we just had the midwife here to take her weight and she has put on 140g in 3 days and is now heavier than her birth weight! Thank you so much for helping us we are so happy and relieved and it is all thanks to you! Thanks for your advice re: the massage we will keep doing it daily and will keep in touch. Xxx

Thank you very very much!! Johanna & Rowan (2 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

It was lovely to meet you too and we just want to say thank you for being so welcoming, friendly and reassuring. Willow was fine yesterday and through the night and has been happy today. She is feeding well and can see a difference already with how she takes the teat and how she is moving her tongue in general. I haven't really touched or looked at her mouth today but will have a Look tomorrow and begin to start the exercises etc recommended. I will send you the first photo on Tuesday then. Will definitely leave a review as soon as I get chance. Thank you for checking on her xxx.

Joanne & Willow (9 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Arthur is doing really well thank you. After the procedure and asleep he was back to his normal smiling self and slept most of the night. Again today he's been very happy. He is feeding ok, no issues at the moment. That's no problem I will keep you updated on his progress. We have already tried a few exercises this evening , doesn't seem in pain at all and is managing them ok. So will continue to do this. We are so glad we have had it done so thank you so much, you were brilliant. And can already see a difference in Arthur. Even his smile has changed. It's bigger and better! Much happier baby. Thanks for everything.

Annie & Arthur x (2 days post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

He's so much better with food! Hasn't gagged at all, doesn't spit anything out either! He's definitely eating more.... He ate a whole bowl of cereal today and piece of toast....he's never done that before. It's amazing....he seems so much happier and less frustrated. Here is a picture of him eating his first-ever ice lolly! He has always tried to eat an ice lolly but gave up after a few minutes xx

Suzie & Fobian xxx

Hi Tatiana,

Great news Arwa is doing great! She's taking her bottle with no interruption and no dribbling!! And she looks comfortable and happy throughout!! Thanks so so much!!!

Jess & Arwa (4 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

We attempted a few more pictures tonight, attached. Things, on the whole, are really well. Celyn was weighed by the health visitor last week & had moved from 7lbs 12 to 8lbs 8!! And that was entirely on breast milk (I have not needed to supplement with formula since the second day after you visited us). My milk supply feels good in both breasts, at times I feel I need a hot compress before I feed & that helps my breast to feel softer. I have noticed that my let down is still painful, but after 15 seconds to a minute & compressions, it is fine. My nipple is a good shape & I have not been cut since. My let down sensation continues to be a little painful even when I am not feeding so I put that down to me just being sensitive to it. I am still having to do compressions when Celyn feeds, is this still ok? It helps it to not hurt at all & also helps the milk to flow. I don't think the tongue tie has come back. I am checking it regularly and there might be a tiny bit there but nowhere near what it was. We will keep doing the massage also. I'm not quite sure how I have managed to feed Celyn so well during this difficult time so am very grateful for all the support you have given us! I continue to stick vehemently to the non-alcoholic beer particularly!

Vicky & Celyn x (3 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

He's been absolutely fantastic feeding ok, has overslept feeds, it hasn't affected him if anything he is a lot more alert and very much happier lots of new little noises being made, we are waiting to catch that beautiful tongue sticking out but we are too slow, will contact you on the days you said and send pics also, I'm so so happy although feel very angry at how dismissive the midwife dr and health visitors are in our area and it's made such a difference to our boy it's sad that some may be suffering because they don't seek that second opinion

Thank you very very much !! Xx Stacey & Kohen (4 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Just to say that we will send a photo of Celyn's tongue tie shortly. Bit a quick update... We have had a much better day. Feeding well off one boob, so much so that I have managed all feeds off it & after 3 different rounds of compress/massage/pump he finally fed off the other blocked boob-it was music to my ears hearing him gulp away! And I am looking forward to feeding him tonight. Still have to persist with hot compress/massage etc but really feels like progress. Thank you so much for the phone call last night. It really lifted my spirits & helped me to have hope. Pics to follow...

Vicky & Celyn (10 days old)

So this week we travelled to Tatiana to have my baby boys tongue tie cut as we were told it would never be done on the NHS as it wasn't bad enough, on assessment he was 95% tongue-tied, since having it done 4 days ago my baby has turned from a content baby who got frustrated when trying to babble to a happy babbling noise box, our feeds now take less than half-hour max instead of over an hour and half of again frustration, takes a dummy no problem and has now got a new tongue that he really doesn't mind showing off. The relief she has given my boy has reduced both myself and close family to tears. Now about her, this lady is so passionate about what she does, he knowledge is extensive and the professional, comfortable way that she delivers her service really put me at ease before the procedure was carried out! THANK YOU !!

Kate & Jacob (6 weeks old)

Evening Tatiana,

Hope you're well? Thank you so much for yesterday! You really put our minds at ease with the whole procedure...I cried walking through the middle of Cardiff that afternoon as I saw Lola stick her tongue out for the first time ever! And it was lovely to see! She's feeding well, sleeping well and is super smiley so I don't think we broke her! Haha... I did the stretch this evening and she didn't bat an eyelid so it's all good. We purchased a cherry dummy yesterday but she will not take it for love nor money...I know perseverance is key but she just gags or won't hold it in. Would you recommend to keep trying her with it while she's content? Or just scrap the idea? Once again, thank you for everything!

Jodi, Lorenzo and a baby Lola who won't stop wriggling her tongue x x x (8 weeks)

Good afternoon Tatiana,

I hope that you are well and having a lovely week despite the cold! As promised I'm forwarding a picture of Dylan's tongue tie revision on Day 7 - not a great picture I'm afraid as he was resisting me a lot, alongside a picture of him happily feeding. I haven't needed to use a nipple shield once (yaaaaaaaay!), he is latching beautifully with his upper lip flared which is something that never used to happen before. I don't have any pain or discomfort when he feeds and I have had no episodes of engorgement and no further mastitis. I took him to clinic today to be weighed and he was 14lbs 3oz - this meant that he has gone from hanging between 50th - 75th centile to now being in the 75th centile so clearly he is absolutely thriving more so than ever! I really could not be happier and it is all thanks to you!! I'll keep you posted again in a weeks time. Best wishes xxx

A month following procedure. Hi Tatiana,

How are you? A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you had a wonderful festive break! Just wanted to send you the 1 month post-procedure photo of Dylan I keep looking at this in comparison to the very first photo I sent you when I initially got in touch and I cannot believe the difference! Our breastfeeding journey has gone from strength to strength since you cut Dylan's tie. He continues to feed so well, I"m exclusively breastfeeding him still no bottle and no nipple shields whatsoever - hooray!!!!!! He is thriving with his weight and is such a content little baby who has started vocalising every chance he gets now. I know I keep saying it but I cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!!! It's all the Xmas present that I needed. Best wishes to you for the year ahead,

Carys & Dylan (10 weeks) xx

Hi Tatiana,

We are a lot more comfortable now, to start with she would not latch and I was worried she was sore, but a bit later, once she was calm she fed from both sides. Yesterday she was pretty well most of the day although she had real trouble latching once in the evening on the left, I gave her a bit from the right to calm her, then she did ok again. Today she has been doing better again, still takes a few attempts on the left but usually straight on the right. Also, she has been feeding for about 10 to 15 minutes and then seems content for about 2 hours, generally seems more content after feeding rather than tired! Under her tongue looks fine, I have attached pictures but had trouble getting a good shot, hopefully, you can see, I will try to get a better one when I can. Regards.

Helen & Gwen (11 days old)


Many thanks for seeing us yesterday. Ada had a good evening (fed quite a lot for comfort when we got home) then only woke three times during the night with a good 1hr30 / 2hrs between feeds. Once she fed she went straight back down with no fussing or asking for more milk. She was also significantly less sick during the night with only a few spit-ups (she has been having several outfit changes some nights!) Scar looking really good this morning. pic attached. Many thanks. So glad we came to see you.

Shelley & Ada (10 days old)

Good morning!

Albie is feeding really, really well now, so thank you! I'm still a little sore, but nowhere near where I was before, so it has been a total success in my eyes. One happy baby and one happy Mumma. Attached is your 'before' photograph. We will try very hard to get a good photo for you today as it's day three. Warmest regards,

Sophie & Albie (2 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

So sorry we haven't been in touch since Madi's tongue-tie division. Life is pretty hectic nowadays! Just a quick text to say a massive thanks and to let you know that Madi is doing wonderfully. She's such a happy easy baby with no hint of "reflux". The cmpa was confirmed upon challenge, however, but that's a separate issue really. I'll send you on a little pic of her poking out her tongue in the bath yesterday - her favourite trick!

Catrin & Madi (10 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

All went well following Rhodri's appointment. Whilst we were walking around John Lewis we couldn't get over how much he was moving his tongue about! It hadn't occurred to us before that he WASN'T moving his tongue much. I've managed to do the exercises about 4 times per day so far. He will happily move his tongue laterally, he doesn't suck my finger but tries to bite it instead! And he's not keen on me massaging the wound and tries to push my hand away so that bit tends to be done as quickly as possible! Feeding is still uncomfortable (though some feeds feel a lot better) and I'm finding it difficult to try and break his feeding habits. No matter how hard I try to improve his latch he often takes himself off and puts himself back on as he is used to. I've tried different positions but the cradle hold seems to be the most comfortable. Is this something I have to correct or will he learn it himself in time? I have the support of our local breastfeeding group once a week for help with this as needed. We are so grateful for your expertise and wish I'd gone with my instincts and come to see you sooner. Attached is picture day 3. Best we could get! Many thanks

Amy & Rhodri (3 days post treatment) x

Hi Tatiana!

Thank you for your message. She's been an absolute angel since the procedure, we've had no issues at all, her mouth seems to be healing nicely. I will send the photos over as we take them. I can't thank you enough for fitting us in so quickly. We have gone from dreading feeding time and having little and often, to Ellie being a complete milk monster. She's draining my boob at every feed and then fussing until I put her on the other. I thought she was settled between feeds, but she's now even sleeping better between feeds. She's much happier during feeds too and rarely slipped off, the pain I was having before has gone. We're still working on getting our latch right every time, but then she is only 7 days old, so normal for this age. I was honestly so close to giving up and spent the entire day before I met you in tears because I really didn't want to. Now I'm not dreading feeding time and am enjoying spending the time snuggling my newborn.

Leoni & Elyana (5 days old)

Hi Tatiana!

Thanks so much for yesterday! We had a great night, good latching, boob softer all over after feeding and not lumpy at the top, going to change him and see what colour we are at now. Someone has mentioned tongue lifts? They've described it to me but it sounds tricky and I worry about infection. Is this something I should do or will feeding and his high palate keep it separated well enough? Thanks again xx

The following day:

Saw midwife today and he has gained 60g in 48hrs so loss from birth is now 6.2% from 7.8% on day 3. Hurray!

Few days later:

The midwife was very happy with Monty today :D he was 8lbs 5oz at birth and today is 8lbs 4oz :] you saved our breastfeeding relationship! Thank you so much. Xx

Two weeks from birth:

Oh! Was contacted by tongue-tie specialist yesterday... She would not have agreed to treat Monty unless I agreed to vitamin K - even after two weeks from birth! Good job we came to you xxxx Thank you! I'll recommend you wherever I can - I'm a bit of a lactivist. Thanks again xxxx

20 days after:

Dear Tatiana, You're so nice! Thank you for helping us out, on Easter Sunday with Mounty's tongue tie and with all my hormonal frantic texts that followed! It may be your job but to us, it made a World of Difference. Such a pleasure to meet you. Love from Vikki, Mounty & Family xxxx

Vikki & Monty (2 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Sorry I have not been in touch sooner, I've been meaning to let you know Pippa is doing fantastically well. Working on the stretches seemed to really help. She is feeding so well now and is a very content happy baby. As a bottle feeding mum, its not easy to access support so thank you so much for seeing us and also for your advice since the procedure, its helped us so much. Best wishes,

Kate & Pippa (7 weeks old) x

Hi Tatiana!

Brian has been doing the tongue massage twice a day with 12 hour intervals. The wound area looks good. It's now turned white. I think there might be some improvement with the feeding now. I don't feel as sore as I used to, and since the procedure, she's only had one bottle instead of several a day. If I can carry on like this until Saturday then it will be the longest stretch of breastfeeding I've done without pumping/formula, and if so then I think we can say the treatment has had an effect. I've now dared to leave the house without formula bottles in my bag for two days in a row, relying on the boobs to do the job and they haven't let me down. I feel like the feeds are quite long (minimum 30 min, often 60 min and occasionally 2 hours with lots of rest and small nibbles), but perhaps that's just a phase whilst she's learning to use her tongue. We'll keep you posted on the progress. Best regards,

Ina Laura, Brian & Jasmine (2 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana!

Was good to meet you too. Louis fine, didn't seem to have any ill effects from the Frenotomy. He's feeding well, although has had to learn to latch again with his new improved tongue I think but we're getting there. The best news is he was weighed today and has gone from 7lb 15oz last Friday to 8lb 11oz today and over birth weight so I've very pleased about that! Here's a pic to show you how it's healing, he wasn't very happy about having his picture taken I think?!

Anna & Louis (2 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Alex has been fantastic since Monday. He is feeding well and is as happy as he was before. We are so pleased we took the decision to do it. We believe it will have quite an impact on the rest of his life. We will definitely recommend your service to anyone who has similar issues. He is healing well and it looks so cute when he pokes his tongue out. Thank you so much

Danielle, Chris & Alexander (11 days old)

Hello Tatiana,

Just wanted to send a little message of thanks for your help with Daniels tongue-tie in three weeks he has put on 23oz and shot up to the 91st centile from between 50th and 75th. My midwife is so pleased with his progress and asked for you information so she could pass to another mum as NHS waiting list is stupidly long and seeing how well you did Daniels she would like to recommend yourself so I gave her your details. Here is Daniel enjoying his new ability to move his tongue, such a happy baby no more spitting up, no more pains from poor feeding and taking in the air AND sleeping 9-5 most night. Thank you

Tonniann & Daniel (5 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

He's been unsettled all afternoon so given more paracetamol & was reluctant to feed for very long. Just had a lovely feed now in a more comfortable position and he seems much more relaxed so I'm sure things will continue to improve as time goes on. We had a lovely experience & I thank you very much Tatiana for listening & for helping my little boy, the improvement I've already seen has made a difference. I will send pictures in the next few days of his progress. Thanks

Nerys & Iwan (2nd day post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

It was lovely to meet you too. I'm so happy!! Miles has been perfectly fine, completely happy even without calpol. Feeding is great and he's eating solids normally too. I will send you the pics this evening. I'll keep you posted with our progress on healing. Thanks again x

Stacey & Miles (2nd day post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

We hope you are keeping well. Thank you so much for your help and guidance with regard to Imogen's tongue tie. She is now feeding better and gaining weight! Thank you also for the follow-up support. I am in less pain and cope better with feeding! I will certainly recommend you to other families who may have a baby with the same issue! Kind regards.

Natalie, Dan & Imogen xxx (17 days)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for checking on us. The latch seems a lot more comfortable last 2 days so happy about that! Really difficult to get a photo but have been doing massage. He seems happy and content between feeds. Getting a weight tomorrow. Next-Day: Weight pretty good. Almost back to birth weight and nipple very much more comfortable which is great!! Thanks so much. Really glad we did it!

Hannah & Wilfred (6 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

It was great to meet you on Saturday - thanks for seeing us at short notice and for taking the time with us. Progress since then has been generally positive. There have been no more gripe-like crying episodes which is a wonderful change; after feeds he is relaxed and happy and sleeps well. We will be updating you on our progress.

Rinks & Euan (3 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

I'm not sue if you remember me but you corrected my daughter Emily's tongue tie at 9 weeks old back in December 2015. Emily has just turned one and I am still breastfeeding. She is a very happy healthy little girl and feeding her has been pain-free and an absolute joy. It's wonderful that we were able to overcome all the issues around soreness and her poor weight gain, and I wanted to drop you a note to let you know and to say thank you! Here she is now...(picture attached)

Charlotte & Emily xx

Bore da! Good morning Tatiana x

Firstly, thank you so very much for your compassion and service during Eli treatment. I am so glad to have met you and that you managed to successfully treat Eli's tongue tie in such a calm and caring way. Eli is doing very well without any problems at all to report. Feeding was a little tricky to begin with as you mentioned as he had to re-learn how to use his tongue. We have an appointment with the Health Visitor tomorrow and I can tell that he is gained much weight again! Best wishes from grateful Parents

Sarah, Christopher, Evan and Eli xx

Hi Tatiana

I wanted to get in to let you know that breast feeding for me is now great. It took a few weeks to settle down after the TTD, but just wanted to say thanks for your help. I have also recommended you to a few mums I've met who are also having some problems. I also wanted to say, after my personal experience, I am now super interested in becoming an lbclc. Thanks


Hi Tatiana

Just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for seeing us yesterday in Cardiff and to let you know how dramatically Josef has improved in under 24hours! He has been very settled and is taking 4oz with no problems at all. He is sleeping better and when awake, is happy and even making little sounds ! It must be such a relief for him as he is instantly happier. There has been no bleeding or problems if any kind. I will try to take some pictures over the next few days to send to you. Thank you again, it's so refreshing to see someone so professional and so friendly, you really put me at ease as I was so nervous beforehand. Thank you

Louise & Josef ( 4 weeks)

Hi Tatiana,

I just wanted to let you know Seb has really started to feed properly this evening, what a difference! He latched properly and fed solidly and he has seemed so much more content in himself! He has also found his voice today and properly made noises for the first time in 6 months-thank you so much! We can't really see a diamond-shaped ulcer, it doesn't really look like anything is there! I have attached some photos but they aren't very clear. I will keep checking it and doing the exercises and will keep you updated if that's ok? Thank you so much for everything and for taking the time to check upon us, you really have changed my whole outlook again on feeding and Seb in general and I feel so positive again! Thank you. A week later: Hi Tatiana, I hope you are well. Seb seems to be doing really well. The area is soft without any blood or redness though we are still trying to do the regular massage and exercises. His latch is improving too and he is not fussing at the breast anymore. He also had a fantastic nights sleep last night and has had two long naps for the last two days which he has never had since he has been born! His wind is continuing to decrease as his latch improves and although I know he still needs to learn to use his tongue, I can't believe the progress we are seeing and it reinforces to me the huge benefits of having the procedure done I just wish more health professionals believed it too! I am forever grateful to you. I will keep you updated and try and send a happy Seb picture! Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa and Seb xxx


Thank you for the receipt. It's amazing watching his tongue move freely. He's been quite grizzly since having it done, but he can be comforted. The ulcer is now white, and we are trying our best with the exercises, but I do find the massage quite hard to do as I can't seem to get my finger in the right place as his mouth is so small. But we are managing the stretch. He doesn't know what to make of his new bottles, so I'm introducing them slowly. But we are managing to feed better than before with the NUK bottles. Thank you so much.

Rhonwen & Jonathan (4 weeks old )

Dear Tatiana,

Theodore is doing great. His feeding is a lot better and he's very happy with it, I have done the mouth sweep as instructed and it's looking good. Thank you so much for fitting us in so soon it's made a huge difference to us both. I have tried to take a photo of his tongue but he's a bit wiggly but it looks like it healing nicely. Many Thanks

Tracy & Theodore (3 weeks post treatment)


Thanks for the email. Things are really good here! I think, fingers crossed, Tommy has turned a corner. He is drinking twice as much and isn't in pain every time eating! He still has his moments, but I think it can be put down to him being a boy!? I continue to do the massaging as much as possible. He's very brave! I'll keep you posted! Kindest regards,

Kelly & Tommy x (8 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Happy new year! Raffy is getting on well after his snip. Feeding is still better and he doesn't seem bothered by pain. Here is a picture of it today. Few days later Hi Tatiana, He had gained weight well when seen last week so the midwives aren't coming to weigh him again until next week unless we were concerned. The pain has completely settled on one side and is much improved on the other side (the nipple damage was worse on that side). He was quite sicky yesterday but that seems better today thankfully. I think he has a bit of reflux which bothers him more at night. I've propped his mattress up now so perhaps that's why it was better last night. I will send another photo when I manage to get a good one. Thank you

Gemma & Raphael (4 days old)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you very much for your help and encouragement yesterday. It's incredible to see Stanley moving his tongue around his mouth and as you said it is behind the top gum when he is relaxed. He has been fine- no further bleeding but he has been quite sleepy and not very hungry but I'll let you know if this persists. I have found it hard to get a good picture today but this is the best I could get (attached). Kind regards,

Amy & Stanley (One day post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

An update on Ollie - he was in a fair amount of pain last night but managed a feed before bed, then I had to wake him for an overnight feed (just one - incredible!!) and he has had two feeds today. Given he usually feeds every hour this is unprecedented! He is really sleepy but seems so much happier, and is feeding much more efficiently. He is still lip-smacking a bit when feeding but the stinging pain for me is gone and he is almost taking the feed fully. I think once he gets used to his new tongue he will love feeding!!' Thank you so much for coming such a long way, and for sorting my little boy x Kind regards,

Amy & Oliver (One day post treatment)

8 weeks following procedure:

Hi Tatiana,

Just a quick email to say things are going ok with Ollie. We seem to have found a pattern that fits, and although I now have 1 or 2 days in a week of engorgement and bad feeding we have turned a corner as the rest of the time things are good. Ollie seems much happier and actually smiles at me when he feeds now which is just heart-melting. I am still massaging his tongue daily which seems to be helping too. You have been such a help through this hard time we have had. Thank you so much for your support and knowledge. I'm not sure what I would have done had it not been for you and your expertise. I could not recommend you highly enough, and I hope you don't mind but if I know anyone with a similar problem I am passing on your number! Many thanks, you have made a happy mummy and happy baby - so a happy family all round

Amy, Ollie & Dylan X

Dear Tatiana,

We hope you are keeping well, Thank you so much for your help and guidance with regards to Imogen's tongue tie; she is now feeding better and gaining weight! Thank you also for the follow-up support. I am now in less pain and can cope better with breastfeeding! I will certainly recommend you to other families who may have a baby with the same issue! Kind regards,

Natalie, Dan & Imogen xxx (3 weeks old)

Dear Tatiana,

Theodore is doing great. His feeding is a lot better and he's very happy with it, I have done the mouth sweep as instructed and it's looking good. Thank you so much for fitting us in so soon it's made a huge difference to us both. I have tried to take a photo of his tongue but he's a bit wiggly but it looks like it healing nicely. Many Thanks

Tracy & Theodore (4 weeks post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you so very much for treating Jude today. You are lovely and I am so glad I found out about you. Thank goodness for you. Xxx

Day 2 following frenulotomy

I hope you don't mind me sending you these pictures. Just wanted you to know. I have a happy baby who wont get off the breast which is amazing and thanks to you. Love from us xx

Hannah & Jude (7 weeks old)

Dear Tatiana,

OH. MY. GOSH!!! Thank you. The difference is amazing. The sickness is pretty much gone!! He doesn't feed as much as he feeds more efficiently, and is more content. I have been massaging it about 5/6 times a day and hope it has been effective. It is more flexible under his tongue. You even see the difference yourself from the pictures. X Thank you for giving my baby back. Life is amazing. I feel better that I can leave the sofa. Haha. Thanks again!!! P.s I passed your details to my midwife. She said she will consider this when dealing with reflux babies. Hopefully, it will benefit others.

Jo & Judah (4 week old)

Dear Tatiana,

Here is the picture day 5 after the procedure. All healing well. Roman's latch has improved 100% and he has much less wind after feeding. So thank you very much, a great success for her and him. Xxxxx

Beatrice & Roman (6 weeks old)

Dear Tatiana,

Feeding is going well I think. No pain at all anymore. He still is on and off but doesn't cry as much. Think he is taking bigger gulps. He got weighed yesterday and has put on 10.5 oz in 6 days!

Georgina & Theodore x (3 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you, so much for helping us we're so so greatful. There has been an instant change. She had bottles yesterday as she was grisly and a bottle this morning but she has nursed all day!. We still need to practice our positioning as we are starting all over again but things so much Better. She is back to her normal self and smiling although she had a procedure two days ago. Massage has been ok so far. I am about to send you a picture, so you can see her feeding directly from me. I feel so so happy. Thank you so much xxx

Rachel & Mali (2 days post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

It was great to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for coming to see Kaela so quickly and sorting out the tongue tie for her. She was ok yesterday after, fed a lot (I think mostly for comfort) and her latch is improving. She has been quite unsettled overnight but we have had lots of cuddles and feeds and are getting there. I'm going to start the massage before the next feed and hopefully, it will be ok. I can see the white coloured diamond shape now and she has started to explore her tongue a little, although she poked it out quite far last night and then cried in pain bless her, no bleeding, which I assume means it is all ok? I am looking forward to seeing you next week for our follow up check. Thank you again,

Jade & Kaela (6 weeks old)

Good morning, Tatiana!

We both slept well last night and bellies are already full so I thought I'd reply to the questions in your text. So the baby still hasn't latched. I make sure my nipples are available at food time and other times for exploring. As you say, it needs to be stress-free now. He can gape his mouth much more - some huge yawns! Because there was always stress at the end of the feed with there not being quite enough of my milk, we are now supplementing with formula and it's done the trick. I'm getting better at being calm and massaging while expressing so starting to get more coming. My breasts are now mostly comfortable and no longer permanently engorged! The information you sent was really useful, thank you. It's good for me to read what I should be expecting in advance. We have a weigh-in today and I would be surprised if there was an on-going weight issue. I feel so grateful to you for coming out to see us so quickly. It was definitely the right answer for us and all four of us present that evening think you are wonderful!

Claire & Boy (3 days old)

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you so much for today. Harry is doing great and he's very happy. His smiles are even bigger now! I had no idea how much a tongue tie would stop him from opening his mouth fully. I'm sure he'll be fine but I will let you know if we have any concerns. Enjoy your weekend in Tenby and thank you again.

Beth & Happy Harry! (Day of the treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

We are getting on well, thank you for checking. Tilly doesn't mind the exercises and massage. The feeding is much better, staying on the breast for longer and is less fussy generally. Se is due to weigh on Tuesday, so hopefully will see a good gain then too, thanks.

Holly & Matilda (4 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana!

How are you? Just an update on Brooklyn! At first, we didn't see any real improvement, was still fussy etc, then we ended up back in the hospital (severe ear infection) spent two days there they wanted to evaluate feeding etc etc! At the hospital, they prescribed a new reflux medication called Omeprazole. Once released and antibiotics started to work we started to see improvements in feeding, little by little, reduced wind intake, less fussy! But we also started to notice he seemed to have tummy cramps/spasms, which were keeping him awake doubling over etc! We stopped the meds for one day to see - and realised that he didn't need them as that day he was fine, so trialled no meds for next few day and he was completely fine reflux wise, we then decided to stop his Hypoallergenic milk in case that was the culprit of the tummy cramps and it seems he was - we switched to Hipp formula 5 days ago, and he is perfectly fine!!!!! He wasn't a big fan & still isn't of the exercises but we've had no rebound growth!

So we think the tongue tie revision worked for us!!! Thank you so much again for all your help and advice xx We can't thank you enough xxxx

Gemma & Brooklyn ( One month post treatment)

Thank you so much for visiting us Tatiana,

Elliott is now asleep in his cot after his bedtime feed which for the first time ever did not involve drinking air! Hope you had a good journey back home and I will let you know how we get on.

Three Days Later: Hi Tatiana, Elliott is learning about his new tongue still - feeding on both sides is comfortable, but I get the sense he hasn't yet worked out how to fully deploy his tongue - as you said he has been using it a certain way for some time already so it will take a bit of time, but feeding has been shorter suggesting he is already more efficient. The biggest improvement so far is on the wind side of things. Elliott no longer sucks in great amounts of air as he achieves a good seal over my nipple and as such has been much more comfortable in his gut, that has been a real blessing. He is much more settled overnight. Yes, we are doing the exercises and we can still see the diamond-shaped ulcer under his tongue, which I assume means it hasn't grown back? I have done the exercises 4 times today as instructed and he doesn't like them, but doing them before each feed means he quickly forgets! They don't take long so it's not that difficult to keep going.

Kind regards

Claire & Elliott x (One month post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

We're both doing well. Amber put on 150g in the last week so she's almost back to her birth weight. We're doing the tongue exercises. Feeding is more comfortable and my nipples are the normal shape at the end of feeds. It's made a big difference and we're much happier breastfeeding now.

Thank you for seeing us so quickly

Sarah & Amber (2 weeks old)

Hello Tatiana,

Matilda has taken a bottle without any fuss, and she seems better on me, she hasn't yet clamped me! Still a small latch but I am working on that. I am going to attempt a 'normal' formula bottle next week for her night feed. See if she reacts.

Thank you for your interest still. Kind regards.

Amy & Matilda (5 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

We have a completely different baby! We're actually getting some sleep now! We would absolutely recommend you to absolutely everyone, we were so impressed.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Meg & Joshua (6 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

We are good thanks and hope you are too. Feeding really is much much better - near perfect I would say and certainly completely painless for me. We are so incredibly grateful to you for your help with Max - it is just so amazing to be able to feed him without having to wince in pain!! The wound has healed nice and open so far as I can see - no more horrible tie! The little chap is a lot less windy - am sure the improved feeding is to thank for that so thank you again. he is still a bit unsettled and wakes from sleep crying a fair bit - dr suspected silent reflux (no real spitting up) but I'm not convinced...some food intolerances in the family - dairy/gluten so wonder if he has some sensitivity but hopefully just a low level or maybe just all immature digestion.

Thank you so much again - we were genuinely bowled over by your knowledge, skill and magical baby related powers!

Veronica, Ed & Max (7 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Happy new year! All good here thanks! I'm still exclusively breastfeeding Emily and her tongue movement is great! No further pain when in feeding and Emily is putting on weight well. She's a very happy baby and she's sleeping well at night too. I'm doing well too thanks. I still get blocked ducts every few weeks but I seem to be able to clear it with regular feeds and massage. Hope you are well. Thank you again for all the support and guidance you have provided - without it Emily would have been on formula now and for the first time, I'm really enjoying breastfeeding!

Thank you!

Charlotte & Emily (8 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you very much for all your help with Megan feeding and her tongue tie. I am sure that without your support we would have stopped breastfeeding a long time ago. Thank you we really appreciate it.

Kind regards

Sally, Justin & Megan xxx

Hi Tatiana,

I was just thinking of you as I have recommended your expertise to someone in a similar position as I was when I contacted you. Just to let you know that I am still breastfeeding Leo, he has indeed never taken a bottle and it is all thanks to you - I am positive that the aftercare exercises had a positive effect on the tie remaining detached. He is doing very well at 11 months and I feel the money I spent on meeting you and having you treat his tongue tie was probably the best spending choice I have ever made! So thank you so much. Here is a photo of my happy boy!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, I hope you are all very well. Warm regards,

Mia & Leo (11 months post treatment)

Hi Tatiana,

Eleri is like a different baby following the procedure! The feeding is massively improved. We are really pleased. Her feeding is perfect & she's gained over 2lbs in weight! I've passed on your details to other Mums that I've met whose children have issues with feeding & potential tongue tie. We are so grateful & thankful to you

Kind regards

Louise, Lee & Eleri (6 weeks post treatment)


I cannot thank you enough. The weight off my shoulders once you snipped her tongue tie was incredible. After you left she has breastfed from both breasts. It felt completely different. I could feel her taking the milk and could watch and hear her swallowing with ease. No nipple pain as she was able to open her mouth wider to take more of my breast in her mouth. A completely different feeling.

Thank you so much.

Lana & Martha (8 days old)

Dear Tatiana,

I hope this email finds you well. I am emailing to update you on Ffion's progress. She is doing fantastically well. She is breastfeeding perfectly without the shields; the frenulotomy site has healed completely allowing full movement of her tongue. She is about to wean on to solids in the next few weeks. I am so incredibly grateful for the transformation that has taken place in her feeding and look forward to a long and happy breastfeeding relationship with her. Thank you so much for all of your kind help and support!

Many thanks

Louise and Fiona (5 months)

Dear Tatiana,

Tobias is doing very well, has been his happy usual self since his little procedure!! We have been using the massage techniques, he's feeding well and I have even noticed a difference putting a spoon in his mouth!!

Many thanks

Vicki & Tobias (3 weeks post treatments)

Thank you Tatiana,

It was so lovely to meet you. Ellery has been absolutely fine post-procedure. We now continue with post frenulotomy wound care and she didn't seem to be bothered at all.

Many thanks once again!

Louise & Ellery (3 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana

We did the exercises for about 2 weeks. His tongue healed well and I didn't see any signs of infection. Feeding improved straight away as he was able to open his mouth wider. I hadn't realized this was causing a problem or it was due to the to tongue tie. It makes it much easier to get a good latch with a wide-open mouth. We are both now experts at feeding and can pretty much do it in our sleep (which is often at 4am!) These last weeks he has been asking to suckle often but I'm enjoying having that time together before he would rarely just want to suckle and I would not be looking forward to feeds. I just wish someone had recognised the anxiety feeding was giving me before he was six weeks and we could have enjoyed that time together as well.

Thank you for your support.

Gemma & Dexter (6 weeks old)

Hi Tatiana

Thank you. Today Leo has been doing well with feeding. The latch is improving and I hope it will continue to do so. We did the exercises this evening and he was happy to let me, he didn't seem to be in any pain and appears to be on the mend. We will keep you up to date with progress!

Thanks again for your help,

Mia & Leo xx (3 months)

Hi Tatiana

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for helping Austin and us and for being so understanding and kind. Austin is completely better now; he feeds brilliantly, is no longer in pain and for the past 4 nights, slept through the night!

You are amazing at what you do. Thanks again,

Mark, Amanda and Austin xx (8 weeks old)

Hello Tatiana

Thank you very much again. Alex is fine following procedure. He feeds are shorter now and he is content for 2 to 3 hours. It is less painful for me as well. We are doing the massage and hope everything will we fine at the end.

Many thanks x

Zornitsa & Alexander (2 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana

William is very good and has been settled all day. He is feeding well and after the initial latch it is much more comfortable. Many thanks again! We can tell already it was definitely the right decision.

Best wishes x

Rebecca & William (5 weeks old) x

Hi Tatiana

Hi Tatiana, Jaiden is fine. He had his medicine before bed and fed very well and Very Quickly! He is all tucked up in bed and fast asleep. He was happy enough after treatment as if nothing had happened. So relieved!

Thank you so much for everything and checking how he is. That means a lot! Thanks again! x

Bernadette & Jaiden x (2 days post treatment)

Hi Tatiana

Grayson has been fine, fast asleep will about half an hour ago, we had a cuddle and a change and I have just finished feeding him again and it couldn't of gone better, latched on great, for about 20 minutes, then fell off nice and milk drunk again. We are thrilled!!! I can't thank you enough for coming out to us at such short notice and for helping our little man and us. We will let you know how it goes.

Thank you so much again,

Vicks, James & Grayson xx (5 days old)

Hi Tatiana

Just thought I would let you know how Zachary is doing. He has been really good. He's had all his normal feeds, milk and solids. I can already see the difference! The massage is not fun at all but we're getting through it! He is blowing raspberries and his first da da noises yesterday. There doesn't seem to be any scaring that I can see and he has free movement in his tongue. I hope they are all positive signs.

Thank you ever so much for everything, we're so glad now that we followed it up and came to see you.

Keyleigh, Mark & Zachary x (7 months)

Dear Tatiana

I just thought I would email you a quick update re. Ffions tongue-tie division. It is healing well and we are still doing the massage and stretches 3-4times a day. The very good news is she has been fed exclusively off the boob without the nipple shield, for the past two days!!! Her latch is improving rapidly and I don't have to bounce around with her as much to get her to latch on. She is a different child! She loves her new tongue and she lets out squeals of laughter every time she sticks it out! Her wind has reduced, she sleeps through the night, she feeds every 3/4 hours rather than every hour-we are delighted!! I am thoroughly enjoying watching her fall asleep on the breast content and happy.

We are looking forward to seeing you in February and cannot thank you enough for your help!

Louise and Ffion x

Hi Tatiana!

Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner, not sure where the weeks have gone. It's almost 10 weeks since you divided April's tongue tie and she is like a different baby! She happily goes 2-3 hours between feeds most days instead of feeding around the clock all day, and her weight gain is amazing. Before the division, she was gaining 3-4oz per week (sometimes as little as 1oz) and now she has consistently gained 8oz per week (I have weighed her weekly at home) for the last 6 weeks or so. She has jumped from the 9th centile to the 25th centile on her growth chart in the past few weeks. She is so much happier and settled now. Everyone keeps commenting on how amazing the difference is in her since the procedure. She still wakes every 2 hours or so through the night but we can't win them all I suppose, haha.

Thank you so much for all of your help. We are both finally enjoying breastfeeding. Yours sincerely,

Sam & baby April x

Hi Tatiana,

Lucy is doing well and doesn't seem bothered by the stretches at all. Her feeding has already improved. I do still have to encourage her top lip out on the teat, which stop her clicking and reduces her wind. She is however a lot more content when feeding now. Thank you so much for the document you attached. I will definitely give this method a go and try to go back to breastfeeding.

Many thanks

Ceri-Anne & Lucy (3 weeks post treatment)

Dear Tatiana,

It was lovely meeting you! Ffion is loving her new tongue already. Lots of gummy grins, raspberries and sticking it out. She fed like crazy yesterday after a long nap then slept from 11pm-5.30am!!! She's using the shields much better now and managed to latch on to the boob for 3mins once she had enough of the shields-amazing for us! I have done the massage this morning-it all looks fine and no bleeding, so I feel more confident to increase the pressure. She's perfectly happy all round so delighted! We will see you end of February hopefully with a full breastfeeding baby!!

Thank you so much for your help-its already made such a difference to her happiness she's so much more content!

Louise and Ffion x (3 days post treatment)

Gut Instinct

When our baby girl had trouble taking her first bottle feed, my motherly instinct told me that she was tongue-tied. Working as a teaching I knew what this was and knew what problems it could cause in her future. Being so exhausted that day I forgot to mention it to the professionals.

I was told that my little girl had mucous in her stomach and this was preventing her from feeding properly, we trusted this. The tie was recognised on the second day by a midwife. She informed us that the reason 3 doctors, 3 other midwives and 2 nursery nurses hadn't mentioned it was because I was bottle feeding. It wasn't causing a problem-she was taking her feed even if wasn't much...breastfed babies would have problems latching on she said so parents would be told. We were due to speak to a therapist two days later to explain our worries but during this time another midwife informed us that there was no need to worry and that the tie would stretch. This eased our worry - surely a professional would know more than us.

However we soon found that she was gulping and dribbling a lot of her feed and was unable to hold a dummy properly... At two weeks old our gut instinct told us something needed to be done.

We found the Mummebaby website and emailed Tatiana with our concerns. We booked an appointment even though we were anxious if it was the right thing to do. Our consultation was very informative and reassuring. We did not feel any pressure to go ahead with the procedure, however, Tatiana's knowledge of tongue-tie encouraged us to go ahead that day. Tatiana had explained that our doughter's tongue tie was 90%. It would not have stretched and our daughter was unable to feed straight away due to her tight frenulum. This was the point where we knew Tatiana was the lady for the job, as we trusted her experience and knowledge.

The procedure was done quickly. Our daughter did cry for seconds and soon after took the bottle as if nothing had happened. After the procedure our daughter's tongue began to move outwards and 4 days later she could poke it out. It only took a week to heal and she had no problems. She no longer gulps and the dribbling has eased dramatically. She can now take a dummy with ease and her feeds are more efficient.

If you are reading this and your gut instinct is telling you to get this procedure it and get it done quickly. We did and the outcome is amazing. Our daughter's future is already brighter.

Thank you Tatiana for your honesty and reassurance throughout. You are a lovely person and we can see you put the child first. We will recommend your services highly.

Nicola & Gareth


So, Nyela's tongue is fully healed and it seems this past week we have turned a corner.

She is definitely feeding better without a doubt. She handles the flow now, instead of panting and struggling, and she even prefers the forceful right side when before she hated it!

She really wants to breastfeed too. I think she actually likes it now, rather than getting it over with as quickly as possible like she used to. As a result, she doesn't really want to suck her thumb any more, which means she is no longer self-soothing and often cries as soon as she is left in her cot to sleep - haha - but that's ok.

Finally, bit disgusting I'm afraid, but yesterday and today she has had fatty curds in her poop which I haven't seen since she was about eight weeks old! So, it's all positive.

Thanks for helping us. It has made a real difference!

Polly & Nyela

Hi Tatiana,

I just wanted to give you an update on Harry after his frenulotomy last month. His latch has improved greatly since the procedure and he is, the majority of the time, a much more settled baby when feeding. There were no complications with infection etc and as far as I can see minimal scarring and no reattachment - he loves moving his tongue around now!

Sara & Harry

Hi Tatiana

Jaxon has been fine since his frenulotomy. There was no ulceration. He is now sticking his tongue out which is something he couldn't do before! He has been poking it out when eating food too but the last few times I've fed him he seems to be swallowing the food fine! I will let you know how he is in 1month & 6months! Not many professionals have an understanding about the long term effects of leaving a tongue tied untreated such as dental development, tooth decay, dribbling, speech etc.

Anyway, thank you again for helping our little boy. I'm so glad I had it done now and if I hear of anyone else's baby being tongue tied, I will highly recommend you.

Thanks again

Sara & Jaxon

Hi Tatiana,

Just wanted to say again thank you very much. Dylan is doing very well after procedure. We are going to introduce solids again, fingers cross No chocking anymore.

Meryl & Dylan

Hi Tatiana,

We are very good. No problems so far and Erin seems to be much better already with her latch although it has been only few days after a snip.

Rachael & Erin

Hi Tatiana,

Just to let you know. Finn is doing well! He's little white blister under his tongue is getting smaller each day. We are working on the latch as he still needs encouragement to open his mouth wider as he used to the bad habit, although it feels much more comfortable for me. He is definitely moving his tongue more-sticking it out and making a new sucking noise as he finally now reach the top of the mouth and more settling at night!

Kate & Finn

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you very much for all your support. My little one is feeding much more efficiently and latching on much better & more often correctly than not. We are looking forward to see you at the Drop in.

Rebecca & Sealey

Dear Tatiana,

We are so grateful to you for doing what you do! Jasmin has fed exclusively on the breast since we left your clinic for the first time. We are all feeling much more relaxed and excited about coming month and years!

Sarah, Matt & Jasmin


Thank you so much, it has made such a difference. Even with the nipple shield. I am trying to feed without but as we have been using it for a long time, I would imagine it will take a little while. The feeding is SO much efficient & no teeth gritting burning sensation the time!

Thank you


Hi Tatiana,

Just thought I would like you to know still Breast feeding and I love it! Gosh the beginning was so tough but I am so glad I persevered! Tom is almost 4 month now and thriving! Do you remember how big boy he was and always hungry.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Sophia & Tom (7 days old)

I have just had Ottie weighed (she's been having her jabs) and she had gained 400grams in 2 weeks - double what she averaged before the TT division. I cannot thank you enough, Tatiana. The impact that this has had on our feeding and the wellbeing of the whole family is indescribable. I'm no longer anxious & stressed, Ottie is happy and contented; it's amazing. Thank you so much for your help, advice & expertise. We just wish we'd met you sooner! xx

Chloe & Ottilia (10 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana. Just to let you know Grace is doing really well, she drinks a full beaker of juice every day, she can eat absolutely anything I'm cooking now as she's fab with all lumps-she even eats small chunks of meat, which she would never have even put in her mouth before! She drinks a full bottle of milk every morning and will drink a little before bed too :-) x

Jess & Grace (9 month post treatment)

After my midwife suspected that my newborn had a tongue-tie I saw four medical professionals trained to diagnose the disorder. None identified my daughter's posterior tongue-tie, although the anterior was divided at the Heath after a referral from my GP (at my request). We went through a gruelling, stressful cycle of feeding, pumping and slow weight gain for 10 weeks and saw no improvement post division. At my wits' end, I contacted Tatiana @ MumMeBaby, who did a thorough assessment and identified the posterior tie, which she divided for us the next day. The difference it has made to feeding and to the well being of my family has been unbelievable and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Tatiana for her help and support. Few people are as experienced or expert enough to ID difficult-to-spot tongue-ties but Tatiana is a highly trained expert. I'm so grateful that she was recommended to us and wish I had sought her help earlier. Thank you so much, Tatiana!

Chloe & Ottilia (10 weeks old)

When my son was a day old we were told in hospital he was slightly tongue-tied. This didn't mean too much to us and professionals didn't seem to be concerned. When the midwife visited she also recognised tongue-tie but said it could stretch.

When six-week check up was due, we had done our research on tongue-ties and requested a referral. We needed professional opinion to prevent any possible complications. At 10 weeks our son had his first appointment with the NHS. Paediatrician agreed that our son's tongue-tie was severe, however as he was bottle-fed and gaining weight as expected it would be a struggle to get done. She did however refer us to the breastfeeding specialist and plastic surgeons to see if they would divide it due to our concerns. After months and months of chasing these up we finally had another appointment with the NHS Paediatrician in November. By this time our son was seven months old. We were told that as he is feeding well (on solids) it couldn't be done under the NHS, unless our son has speech problems at the older age.

We queried about getting it done privately during these months but couldn't get any information. Nobody could point us in the right direction and our own investigations were getting us nowhere. We, therefore, gave up hope. In March when our old friend gave us MumMeBaby's details.

A week later we were seen and our son's SEVERE tongue-tie was finally released! It was quick and easy procedure in a very calm environment for us all. We no longer have the worry of a problems related to undivided tongue-tie. In a few days following procedure we have seen a significant difference. Logan can move food around his mouth better, which means no more choking on the smallest of lumps. He is happily attempting to use his tongue to make many new sounds.

Great experience! We are so relieved to have finally found someone able to help us. Thank you very much Tatiana.

Nikki & Logan

Hi Tatiana, Max doing really well. Feeding isn't painful now and he goes much longer in the day between feeds. I'm genuinely enjoying being a breastfeeding Mum now. He dropped down a few percentiles at his weigh-in this week, but I'm not worried about that as he is healthy, happy and very content boy now. Just need to get him going through the night now - that would be lovely! Thanks loads for supporting us.

Ellen & Max x

Hi Tatiana, It was lovely to meet you and thank you again for helping us. Mila seems a lot better since having the procedure done, she is taking her bottles better, taking more of her feed, keeping the teat and dummy in, and so far has less wind. Many thanks,

Abby & Mila (2 weeks post treatment)

Hi Tatiana, Just wanted to say what a relief it was for all our family to get tongue-tie release done this weekend! It was a difficult decision for us as parents but we both felt this is the right thing to do for our boy. To our surprise Thomas was smiling shortly after the procedure and fed well. I've been encouraging him to use his tongue by chatting and he responds with his own version! He's been blowing raspberries, which he couldn't do before. Moving his tongue loads - shows just how restricted he was. My poor baby must've been such hard work for him with his tongue in such a pickle. Thank you x

Zoe & Thomas

''Hi Tatiana,

I just would like to big say thank you and what a difference I have noticed following my son's (Harry) tongue-tie snip at 16 weeks. He is now 25 weeks and can't believe how time is flying and how much easier feeding has become.

It took about 2 weeks to see full improvements but I noticed the following:

Nighttime feeds were cut from 90 minutes to 30 - 40 minutes at night, so more sleep all round.

More settled after nighttime feeds.

Able to get to my milk quicker (was never able to tell when he got to it but definitely can now!)

Definitely a stronger suck, my nipples are three times as long after a feed, before there was hardly any difference in nipple length!

Less windy and easier to wind

No gagging on milk

No longer slid of my nipple

More vocal (this happened straight away)

Day time feeds got quicker at around two weeks going from 90 minutes to 30 - 40 minutes this meant more time to play, something he had little time for before as feeds took so long and then he was too tired.

Thank you so much for doing the procedure, it has led to a far happier and content mother and baby who were on the verge of giving up bf''.

Kind regards

Zoe & Harry

Dear Tatiana. I'm not sure if you remember me but last year (2013) you supported me with breast-feeding and tongue tie issues in relation to my baby daughter Darcey. I breastfed my daughter until 9.5 months in the end when I needed to stop for reasons related to the new pregnancy. If it wasn't for you I would have had to give up at about 3 months... Thank you!! Xx

Nikki & Darcey

''We were naturally concerned about our baby's tongue tie procedure, and felt very anxious when waiting for this to be done. However it was very quick and Freddie barely cried at all. I fed him immediately and he seemed as if nothing had happened, apart from making us laugh by poking his 'new tongue' out all time!

I fed him frequently for the next few days as recommended, and after about two weeks I could notice a difference in him. He went from feeding every 1 and a half to 2 hours to feeding every 3, and sleeping much better at night.

My son had less wind and hiccups and the heart shape was gone from the end of his tongue. He also stopped dribbling milk when feeding and stopped causing me any soreness. Freddie also dropped the massive cluster feed lasting anything up to 7 hours too. That was an immense relief!

The advice we received was great all the way through, and I am so grateful to you Tatiana for recognising the need for this procedure to be done. Who knows the problems it may have caused us further down the line if we had left it!

Naomi & Fredderick

"Before contacting Tatiana I had been breastfeeding, or at least trying to breastfeed, our son for eight weeks and it felt like an uphill battle with every feed.

He was very fussy, kept latching on and off and would cry throughout. It was a very different experience from the easy feeding I had had with my daughter. He was so unsettled all the time and I was really struggling with the stress of it all.

I called Tatiana out of sheer desperation and she came that very day to watch me feed Sebastian and to see what a difficult time I was having.

Having worked through all the options of different breastfeeding positions to see if that was the cause, Tatiana then looked into Sebastian's mouth and immediately noticed a severe tongue-tie.

I had heard of tongue-ties before as my sister had one with her son but it had never occurred to me that there might be a physical reason behind his feeding problems.

Home - and she went through all the possible risks associated with the procedure.

My husband and I agreed, as we knew that unless something improved soon I was going to give up breastfeeding.

The procedure itself was very quick and very simple; it was literally over in seconds. Sebastian barely uttered a cry and I fed him straight away.

What was amazing was that after this feed he was noticeably more calm than he had been in weeks So calm in fact that I was able to leave him on his play mat to play alone, something I had not been able to do as he had been so unsettled, and hungry. I felt such a surge of relief to see him happy and to know that he was feeling full.

Despite it being such a small procedure the impact on our life has been huge and we have felt so grateful to Tatiana for all her support."

Leyla & Sebastian

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''When Lestyn was born I asked the midwife to check if he had tongue tie as a number of people in the family had had it and recently my niece was born with a severe case of it that prevented her feeding properly. She confirmed that my son had tongue-tie too.

Meanwhile I discussed the condition with my midwife who advised me that sometimes the baby is still able to feed when they have it and this was indeed true for Lestyn who was feeding well and gaining weight.

As he seemed to be doing so well I thought it wouldn't be necessary to get it treated. I did notice, however, that in comparison to my first son he didn't seem to feed for as long or with the same strength. I then developed mastitis and was prescribed antibiotics and Lestyn developed oral thrush, which delayed considering the treatment.

After the mastitis had cleared and the thrush had been treated I decided that I had to find a lactation consultant who has an expertise in this field and discussed whether the treatment would benefit Lestyn.

I found Tatiana through the LCGB. After taking the full history of birth and feeding Tatiana performed functional assessment of the Lestyn's tongue and said that my son didn't have severe type of tongue tie but would definitely benefit from the treatment and will be enable to feed better. The treatment itself was extremely quick and looked relatively painless. Lestyn cried a lot because he was due a feed. As soon as it was done he was passed to me and latched on immediately. I really could feel the difference straight away and since then Lestyn has fed much more powerfully and his weight gain has shot up from 9lb to 12lb in just two weeks.

It really shows that before the procedure he wasn't getting as much milk as he really wanted. He's also sleeping for 3-4 hours at night now and only wakes for one feed. So it was definitely worth it as he is now a very content and well-fed baby.

We are so lucky that we get excellent treatment for this''.

Tatiana, thank you so much for helping us!

Caroline & Lestyn

''Our little girl was Tongue-tied at birth a condition that we didn't even realise it was a medical condition until it was explained to us in the hospital.

We were a little unsure whether to go ahead with the procedure but it made sense as Florence was struggling with latching on and feeding times were taking a very long time. Along with the hygiene issues that it could cause later in life and possible problems with speech we decided to go ahead with it.

Knowing Tatiana from Hypnobirthing course was actually a big relief for us. She was the person who would be carrying out the procedure, which put us both at ease.

Florence is our first child so we were both very anxious about the fact that cutting under the tongue would hurt her and could have some risks evolved.

Tatiana discussed all the pros/cons and explained how the procedure was carried out with visual images and video. We were reassured and decided to proceed with frenulotomy. It literally took seconds and after a brief cry our daughter was straight to mum and feeding and then straight back to sleep!

Tatiana, thank you for all your help with everything you have done for us. You have been a big part of the most important part of our lives.''

Clara & Florence & Gareth

''Hi Tatiana

I just wanted to thank you for performing the tongue-tie correction for Deryn. I was really struggling with feeding before Deryn had the procedure, she had a shallow latch which meant my nipples were misshapen, white and very sore after each feed. She couldn't get an airtight seal, which meant feeds often took hours; she swallowed a lot of air and was very windy and colicky. She was gaining weight well enough but only at a result of long painful feeds around the clock.

The procedure was very simple and although she cried a little she was able to feed straight afterwards. Within a couple of days the cut had completely healed and Deryn was able to feed much more efficiently. We really appreciate the time you took to explain the procedure, and the thorough aftercare meant we had no worries during the healing period. Within a week, each feed was taking significantly less time and Deryn was taking in less air and therefore throwing up less too. My nipple pain has completely resolved.

I'm really glad we decided to have Deryn's tongue tie checked out - hopefully we have many happy months of feeding ahead of us, and I love seeing my little girl poke her tongue out when she smiles (see the attached picture for proof of how cute she looks!)

Once again, many thanks."

Ellie & Deryn

''When our daughter Poppy was born, I asked the midwives to check her for tongue tie as our son had been born with a posterior tie which led to extreme difficulties breastfeeding. We were assured that Poppy was fine and initially we felt relieved. However, after the first few days, I continued to feel pain on feeding and did some research online which led me to believe that Poppy too had a posterior tongue-tie. I persevered with feeding until day 4 when I couldn't take the pain any longer and we got in touch with Tatiana. She came over that very evening, which was so helpful and really got me through the day knowing help was on its way.

On the first visit she confirmed Poppy did have a posterior tie. She wasn't convinced snipping it would help as it didn't seems to effect Poppy's tongue movement, plus I had developed thrush following the treatment for mastitis with antibiotics.

We decided to hold off for the time being and instead Tatiana showed us how to ensure the latch was correct and how to continue with breastfeeding while letting me recover.

This helped a little but unfortunately the pain continued so a couple of days later we decided to get the tie snipped.

Tatiana encouraged us to do a lot of research before making this decision, which we did and we went into the procedure feeling very clear it was what we wanted to do.

The procedure itself was quick and not nearly as distressing as I thought. The improvement was not seen immediately but we were reassured this was normal. It was also complicated by the fact that I had developed mastitis as a result of Poppy's shallow latch.

However, with all this cleared up I noticed a difference within a week of the procedure being carried out and we were able to feed without nipple shields, without expressing and using bottles and without lots of painkillers!

Poppy is now six weeks old and I am proud to say we are still exclusively breastfeeding and without pain! She has grown so much and at her last weigh in was nearly 10lbs. She is happy and content as are we all.

Although the procedure undoubtedly helped, it was such a relief to have Tatiana's support and advice on all aspects of feeding that reduced our anxieties and helped us to get to where we are now. For this we are all extremely grateful.''

Kind regards,

Sarah & Poppy, Chris & George

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"Hi Tatiana,

I just wanted to say Thank You for your help with Evie's tongue-tie. Not only did you solve the tongue-tie problem, you were also so helpful with your advice re feeding. Once her tongue-tie was sorted when we came to see you, Evie became a contented baby who fed well and put the weight she had lost back on and more!

I wish the problem would have been picked up earlier, as now I know that Evie was unable to latch on/feed effectively when I was discharged."

Thanks again so much. x

Claire & Evie

Hi Tatiana,

Just to let you know that the tongue-tie division has completely changed Phoebe! Her feeding is so much better, feeds for about 15 minutes and is satisfied for much longer. I cannot explain what a difference this has made (especially from 45 minute feeds every hour) to both Phoebe and myself. Feeding was becoming all consuming and now we have much more free time to be able to play, go out and do whatever we want to do. She is now so much happier.

Thank you so much.

Helen, Phoebe & Nick

Developmental baby massage

The baby massage course was very relaxed and enjoyable. The techniques were easy to follow and the babies seemed to love it! Even the most fractious in the room went to sleep calmly at the end! I felt the content was just the right for sessions.

I've used the techniques since after bath times, or for calming my boy. Freddie always seems very soothed by it and sleeps well afterwards.

I enjoy the feeling of the skin to skin and connecting with him through eye contact, kisses and talking to him.

IIt is a lovely way of bonding, as babies love to be touched!

Thanks Tatiana,

Naomi & Fredderick